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Greek Mythology

Titans The first race of mythological giants: born to Mother Earth and Father Sky
Pantheon Children and grandchildren of the Titans; the main ruling panel; also called the Olympians
Mount Olympus The mountain on which the Pantheon lives
Elysian Fields Place in the underworld where heroes are sent as a reward to fight battles eternally
River Styx RIver that has to be crossed to get to the Underworld
Underworld Gloomy place where all Greeks go when they die; punishment is given based on each person's sins
Uranus Father Sky; imprisoned his children inside their Mother Earth
Gaea Mother Earth; wife of Uranus
Kronos Swallowed his children to keep them from over-throwing him; eventually his son Zeus over threw him Roman Name- Saturn
Rhea Wife of Kronos
The Furies 3 ugly goddesses of vengeance; helped determine people's punishment in the Underworld, especially for familial crimes
The Fates 3 sisters who determined the destinies of humans by weaving a tapestry of each person's life
Zeus King of the gods and goddesses; god of thunder and lightning Roman Name- Jupiter
Hera Queen of the gods and goddesses; Zeus's very jealous wife Roman Name- Juno
Hades God of the underworld Roman Name- Pluto
Poseidon God of the sea Roman Name- Neptune
Aphrodite Goddess of love and beauty; famous for punishing beautiful women Roman Name- Venus
Ares God of war and violence Roman Name- Mars
Hephaestus Deformed god of fire and blacksmithing; married to Aphrodite Roman Name- Vulcan
Demeter Goddess of grain, harvest, and fertility; sister of Poseidon Roman Name- Ceres
Artemis Goddess of the moon and the hunt Roman Name- Diana
Apollo God of the sun, light, healing, music, and poetry; responsibly for carrying the sun across the sky Roman Name- Apollo
Athena Goddess of wisdom, domestic arts, and war strategies; does not like women and is repulsed by the idea of marriage and children
Eros God of love; Aphrodite's son Roman Name- Cupid
Hermes Messenger of the gods; god of commerce; patron of liars, gamblers, and dishonest people Roman Name- Mercury
Prometheus Creator of man; Punished for giving man fire by being chained to a mountain and having a vulture rip out his liver dailyq
Epimetheus Mentally slow brother of Prometheus; responsible for giving each creature its gifts and talents for survival; married to Pandora
Pandora first mortal woman created by the gods; curiosity caused her to open a box she was not supposed to releasing disease, misery, and corruption
Dionysus God of wine and merriment Roman Name- Bacchus
Persephone Queen of the Underworld; forced to live there 6 months each year because she ate 6 pomegranate seeds while there; story explains the seasons
Charon Ferries people across the River Styx if they have a gold coin
Hestia Goddess of the hearth and home; one of Zeus's sisters Roman Name- Vesta
Echo Nymph who was punished for talking too much by having to repeat the last words a person says
Narcissus Vain man who fell in love with his own reflection and was turned into a flower
Phaethon Apollo's foolish son who scorched the earth when he drove the sun too close to it; His story explains the different races and climates of the world
Daedalus Great architect who created the maze where the minotaur lived; was punished for helping a prisoner find his way out
Icarus Daedalus's son; foolish boy who flew too close to the sun and melted his wax wings
Arachne Gifted weaver who was turned into a spider by Athena
Hercules Strongest man in the universe; completed 12 labors as punishment for killing his family
Achilles Greatest warrior in Greece; his mother dipped all but his heels in the River Styx to protect him; he died from an arrow wound to his unprotected heel
Phidippide Fastest runner in Greece; died at the city gates after saying nike which means victory
Pan God of the fields and meadows; a satyr who is greatly feared because he captures women alone in the woods and ravishes them
Midas King who was given a special gift to turn everything he touched into gold; he later regretted it when it made life difficult
Cerberus Three headed dog that guards the gates of the underworld
Minotaur Part man part bull who lived in a maze who ate humans who were forced to enter by the king
Centaur Part man part horse; fierce and loves to fight
Satyr Part man part goat; gentle most of the time and likes music
Sirens Part women part bird; lured sailors with their beautiful voices to crash on the rocks so they could eat them; also called harpies
Medusa Monster who was once a beautiful woman; changed into a creature with snakes for hair and a stare that would turn you to stone
Pegasus White winged horse; born from the blood of Medusa
Created by: jaswartz98
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