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Ch 1

Principles of Gerontology

What is Gerontology Holistic study of the aging processes as they mature throughout adult life span
What is Geriatrics Study of health and disease in later life. Comprehensive health care of older persons and the well-being of their caregivers.
Final Stage of Life (old age) Can be the best or worst time of life and requires work and planning throughout all of the previous stages to be a successful and enjoyable period.
Ageist reflect negative stereotypes of aging.
Benefits of Healthy Aging Creativity and confidence enhanced, coping ability increases, gratitude and appreciation deepen, confidence increases with less reliance on the approval of others, self-understanding and acceptance increases.
Demographics of Aging proportion of the persons over the age of 60 will double in the next 50 years in developing countries that dont have healthcare system
The young-old (65-74) during the next 20 years 74 million baby boomers will retire. Medicare and Social Security will add 10,000 new retirees per day
The middle-old (75-84) during the next decade increased life expectancy will add to the numbers of aging baby boomers and increase total numbers in this category
The old-old (85+) fastest growing segment of population. Growing @ 2x the rate of those age 65 and 4x faster than total U.S. population
Which gender is dominating the study of Gerontology Women greatly outnumber men in most nations. The study of gero is closely linked to women's health.
Socioeconomic status of older women more likely to be widowed, to live alone, to be less educated, and have fewer years of labor experience, making older women (especially over 75) more likely to live in poverty
Feminization of later life describes how women predominate at older ages and how the proportions increase with advancing age.
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