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Gov's cup science

Governor's cup for science # 16

Proteins are made from these molecules. What type of “building block” can be obtained from our diet or can be manufactured by the body from all other substances? RNA
This ecological term literally means “different life.” What word is used to mean all of the different kinds of organisms and species within a given ecological area? Biodiversity
The scientific method includes six parts, each with a specific purpose. Which is not one of the parts of the scientific method? Theory
In Kentucky, this is one of the most common rocks. One of the largest quarries for this type of rock in the United States is in Livingston County, Kentucky. What sedimentary rock is mainly composed of calcite? Limestone
What part of a cell is present in eukaryotic cells but not in prokaryotic cells and contains genetic material? Nucleus
During the ice ages glaciers covered the earth. During what geologic time was a lesser portion of the earth covered by glaciers than at present? Interglacial period
In chemical reactions, matter can change form. In this chemical reaction between a fuel and an oxidizing agent, heat is produced. What chemical reaction is commonly called burning? Combustion
This type of number is used in computer programming. What type of number system only includes the digits one and zero? Binary numbers
Even from an early age as his brother’s apprentice, this scientist was interested in printing. He can even be considered one of the first environmentalists for his work to clean up his hometown. What American patriot provided invaluable assistance to today’s oceanographers by inventing swim fins? Benjamin Franklin
This science was founded by the French chemist and biologist, Louis Pasteur. He proved that tiny organisms can cause infectious diseases. What brought science includes virology and bacteriology? Chemistry
Created by: scscolts