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Crash course game 1

Rome, city and clothing info Latin 1

River that Rome is situated on Tiber River
The port town of Rome on the coast Ostia
Mountains that run down the center of Italy Appenines
Mountains that run between Hispania and Gallia Pyrenees
Volcano that erupted in 79 AD Mt. Vesuvius
2 cities destroyed in the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius Herculaneum and Pompeii
Oldest Roma road, lead south to Brundisium from Rome Appian Way
These structures brought water to the cities Aqueducts
The race track of Rome where chariot races were held Circus Maximus
Latin word for teams (red, blue, green and white) that competed at the Circus Maximus factions
The Flavian Amphitheater in Rome where gladiators fought Colosseum
The city center which contained the curia, basilicae, Rostra and Tabularium Forum
The word for the senate house Curia
The word for the law courts Basilica
Good luck charm worn by children bulla
Shawl worn by women to cover body and head palla
Floor length dress for women without sleves stola
Plain white toga worn by most adult males toga virilis
Toga with a purple boarder worn by senators toga praetexta
Simple white under garment worn by women and men tunica
Created by: judithcampbell