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elements of epics

epic heros values of civilization, strength, bravery, or intelligence
elements of epics strong hero or importance(nat. or his.), big settings, quest with goal, supern. involved, basis in specific culture or society, charac. struggles against fate
epics oral tradition sung/spoken by storyteller, changed by word of mouth, lit. epics created by 1 person, epics include poetic elements + fig. lang.
epic characters quest w/conflict,tries to gain something of value for people or them,conflict can be external(created by gods or forces of nature),heros weaknesses as well as strengths shown,displays more than human strength as the engage in acts of heroism or courage
main character traits "larger than life", uncommon strength, exceptional knowledge, cunning, courage, daring
charac. foils heros must have foils
mythic charac. many myths in epics, gods/goddesses interact and play with people like games
invocations beginning of epics, has subject + theme + muse to help inspire him, poet will ask muse to sing song for him to document
common motifs repeated in lit. works: quests for something of great value, trials, helpers(people/objects), "monsters" that threaten quest, temptresses, disguises, returns
epithet descriptive word or phrase added to persons name, help poet drop background into poem and add meter
hero myths usually male, usually has divine origin or mysterious, not invincible, called to quest, heroes way not always direct or clear to him
heroes quests always has posse, has guide(s), what thinks looking for ends up being a symbol for what he is going to find
Created by: rconner