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Assessment Review

Vocab Review for 8th Grade Assessment

adaptation a characteristic that helps an organism survive in its environment
air mass large body of air of similar pressure, temperature and humidity
air pressure force of air pressing down on surface of the Earth
altitude measure of the height above sea level
asexual reproduction reproduction involving only one parent; produces identical offspring
atom smallest particel of an element that stil retains properties of that element
density the amount of mass in a given volume
boiling point temperature at which a liquid changes to a gas
carnivore meat eating organism
herbivore organism that only eats plants (producers)
chemical change change that results inthe formation of a new substance
chemical property characteristics that displays whan matter underoges a change to a new substnace(s)
cholorplast organelle in plant cells that contians chlorophyll; where photosynthesis occurs
climate long term weather average over a large area
cold front boundary formed when a cold front moves into a warm front
commensalism symbiotic relationship; one organism benefits and other has no effect
community all the different populations that live within a habitat
compound when 2 or more elements are chemically combined
concentrated when a large amount of solute is dissolved in a solvent
condensation changing a gas back to a liquid, occurs when energy is removed
conduction the transfer of heat through direct contact of materials
conductor a material through which electricty/heat can flow
consumer an organism that obatins nutrients by eating other organisms
decomposer an organism that breaks down the remains and wastes of other living things
digestion the breaking down of nutrients into a useable form
dilute a weak solution
ecosystem the living members of a community and the nonliving elements of their environment
electric circuit a complete path through which electrons can flow
electrical energy a form of energy produced by the flow of electrons
element a substance made of all the same types of atoms
energy the ability to do work
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