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Traffic Safety Act

241.1 states that "No driver shall use electronic communications equipment while driving a motor vehicle on a highway." Identify three (3) situations this does not apply. a) phone is activated by pressing a button but then device is not held b) device is voice activated c) the device is used to report an emergency to police or other emergency service
Define "highway" according to S 2(1)(k) Highway: road, parkway, driveway, square or place intended for or used by the general public for the passage of vehicles, but does not include any area that is primarily used for the parking of vehicles and the necessary passageways on that area
Define "motor vehicle" according to S 2(1)(r) motor vehicle: means a vehicle propelled or driven by any means other than by muscular power
True or False? "Pedestrian" refers to individuals on foot False. S2(1)(aa)"pedestrian” includes a person in a wheelchair
36 (2) How long is a Temporary Driver's License valid 90 days after the date of its issue
39 (1) When must a driver produce a driver's license? when requested to do so by a peace officer: (a) at the time of the request; or (b) within 48 hours after the time of the request, at any time and place that may be designated by the peace officer making the request.
Define "peace officer" according to S(2)(z) (i) a member of a police service in Saskatchewan; (ii) a person designated by the Lieutenant Governor in Council as traffic officers; or (iii) any person appointed pursuant to The Police Act, 1990 as a special constable for the enforcement of this Act;
280 Under what 2 conditions can a Peace officer seize and impound a vehicle? a) if that vehicle or combination of vehicles is being operated in the prescribed manner; or b) if that vehicle or combination of vehicles is parked on a highway at a place, or in a manner, that constitutes a hazard to other users of the highway.
Define "vehicle" according to S 2(ccc) "vehicle" - a device in which a person or thing is may be transported or drawn on a highway and includes special mobile machines and farm implements but does not include vehicles running only on rails or on railway company property;
What section of the TSA provides you with the authority to stop a motor vehicle? 209
Under S 209.2 what 3 kinds of information can you request of the driver of a vehicle? a) require driver's name, d.o.b. and address b) request information from driver about whether and to what extent he/she consumed alcohol or any drug c) if believes driver cannot operate car safely due to (b) then can request field sobriety test
Which offences within the TSA are arrestable offences? a) drive w/o valid D. licence b) drive w/o certificate of registration c) drive while disqualified d) fail to stop when directed by P.O. e) fail to provide info requested by P.O. f) drive w/o due care & attention g) tamper/damage vehicle w/o consent
What are the parking lot offences under section 211? a) Exceeding 50 K speed limit b) Not obeying stop signs c) Racing d) Excess noise e) Not staying to the right of other vehicles f) Not yielding to right of way to the driver of the vehicle on the right. g) Not yielding to pedestrians
According to S 238(2) when can police drive contrary to the ACT? (a) an emergency exists and only while the emergency device and emergency light are in operation; and (b) it is necessary in the circumstances to do so.
According to S 238(6) which order of priority is given to emergency vehicles? Priority is given to: (a) fire engines; (b) fire department apparatus; (c) ambulances; (d) police vehicles.
Basically, what authority does S 279(2) and (5) provide police? (answer will give excerpts from Act) S279(2) may order D...to submit vehicle to any tests considered necessary. S279(5) If… V is found to be unfit for transportation, dangerous to passengers/public … the O… may: (a) order driver...to make vehicle fit ...(b) order vehicle be removed highway
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