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MAG SULFATE 1-2G/10ml antidysrhythmic MA: calcuim channel blocker for cardiac dysrythmias & insufficiency IND: pulseless vent. tachycardia, post MI CONT: Shock, severe hypertension, dialysis or decreased calcium levels. DOSE: 1-2g/10ml D5W push 1-2 min. onset=immed. IV, 1hr IM SIDE EFFEC
DOPAMINE HCL (INTROPIN) 800mg Sympathetic agonist MA: peripheral vasoconstriction IND: hemodynamically stable w/ significant hypotension, not resulting in hypovolemia CONTRA: hypovolemic shock, unless rapid fluid replacement DOSE: 800mg/500ml D5W, 400mg/250ml D5W infuse 2-5mg/kg/min until increase in
Epinephrine 0.3-0.5 SC Sympathetic Agonist MA: Increase HR & BP and Cardiac Contractile Force Ind: Bronch. Asthma, COPD, Anaphylaxis Contra: underlying Cardio Vasc. Disease, Shock & already high BP Dose: 0.3-0.5mg SC, Onset 3-10 sc Side Effects: palp., anxiety, HA, dizziness
Atrovent 500 ug NEB Anticholinergic MA: Bronchodilation & helps dry resp.secretions IND: Bronch Asthma, Bronch-spasms CONTRA: Hypersensitive, or rapid response is required. DOSE: 500 ug NEB or MDI, 1/2= 1 1/2 hrs SIDE EFFECTS: Palp, Anxiety, Dizzy, HA, Rash
Oxygen MA: Breakdown of gulcose for usable energy. IND:hypoxia, cp, resp. diff. CONTRA: NONE DOSE: 1-6 NC, 6-10 NRB, 10-15BVM SIDE EFFECTS: drying of mucous membranes, poss. nosebleeds
Albuterol 2.5 symathetic agonist MA: broncho-dilation IND: broncho-asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema CONTRA: hypersensitivity DOSE: 2 sprays MDI, 2.5mg Neb, w/6lpm O2 Onset 5-15 inhaled, 1/2= 3 hrs SIDE EFFECTS: palp., anxiety, dizzy, cp, nervousness
Tertubaine 0.25mg SC Sympathetic B2 agonist MA: immed. bronchodilation w/min cardiac effects Ind: Bronch-Asthma, chronic bronch,Emphysema Contra: Hypersensitivity Dose: 0.25mg sc,5-15 min, 2-inhalations MDI, Onset:5-30min (inh) 1/2= 3-4 hrs Side Effects: tremors, nv, cp, anxiety
Solu-Medrol 125-250 mg iv/im anti-inflammatory MA: management of allergic reactions Ind: anaphylaxis, asthma, copd Contra: no major Side Effects: CHF, hiccups, fluid retention, vertigo Dose: 125-250mg iv/im, 1/2 life=3-5hrs
ALPRAZOLAM (XANAX) MA: acts on CNS to relieve anxiety IND: anxiety, panic attacks SIDE EFFECTS: dizzy, drowsiness,lethargy
METFORMIN (GLUCOPHAGE) MA: decrease glucose production IND: management of type II DM
AMIODARONE HCL (CORDARONE) 300 ANTIDYSRHYTHMIC MA: prolongs action potential of cardiac tissues IND: v-tach, v-fib CONTRA: breast feeding, severe sinus node dysfunction, 2nd or 3rd degree AV Block DOSE: CA- 300mg IV followed by 150mg 3-5 mins if needed. Vent-dysrhythmias= 150mg over 10min (15mg/
ADENOSINE (ADENOCARD) 6mg ANTIDYSRHYTHMIC MA: decreases conduction of electrical impluse through the AV node IND: PSVT common in vagal maneuvers CONTRA: 2nd & 3rd degree heartblock, sick sinus syndrome DOSE: 6mg iv 1-2 sec. followed by immediate saline flush. Initial dose No Conversion w/in
DIGOXIN (LANOXIN) 0.25-0.5mg Cardiac glycoside IND:treatment of CHF & rapid atrial arrhythmias. ie= A-FLUTTER & A-FIB
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