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med term 7-10

labyrintho inner ear
myringo eardrum, tympanic membrane
ossiculo ossicles
stapeo stapes
-cusis hearing
muco mucus
oxo, oxi oxygen
pneumato air, respiration
spiro breathing
stetho chest
-capnia carbon dioxide
-graphy process of recording
phonia voice
-pnea breathing
-sphyxia pulse
kypho humpback
lordo swayback
pedo child
scolio curved
temporo temporal bone
-porosis porous
xipho sword
coccygo tailbone, coccyx
lumbo lower back, loins
spondylo vertebra
claviculo collarbone, clavicle
clacaneo heel
femoral femur, thigh bone
burso bursa
blast immature
clasis surgical fracture, refracture
genesis formation
physis to grow
porosis pororus
ortho- straight
flexo bend
pronatio facing backward
supinatio facing forward
tenso stretch
electro electric
fascio fascia
kinesio movement
leio smooth
myoso muscle
tendio teno tendon
tono tone, tension
tenosynovio tendon sheath
-asthenia no strength
-clonus turmoil
kinesia movement, motion
trophy nourishment, growth
thermy heat
glio glue
myelino myelin shealth
tomo to cut
-schisis cleft, splitting
-us condition, thing
para abnormal
polio gray
cerebello cerebellum
cortico cortex, outer covering
duro dura mater
hydro water
encephalo brain
magneto magnet
meningo meninges
radiculo nerve, roots
thalamus thalamus
ventriculo ventricles
-esthesia sensation
graphy process of recording
phasia speech
taxia cooridination, order
de- lack of removal
pachy- thick
PET positron emission tomography
amblylo dull, dim
coagulatio to condense, to clot
emmetro in proper measure
iso equal
-conus cone-shaped
-edema accumluation of fluid
-iasis abnormal condition, process
-metrist specialist in the measurement of
-ory pertaining to
myelin to shut
presby- old age
pseud/o false
aqueo water
choroid/o choroid membrane
conjunctiv/o conjunctiva
coreo pupil
corneo cornea
cyel/o ciliary body
dacryocyst/o lacrimal sac
gonio angle
irido, iris
kerato cornea
mio contraction, less
mydri/o wide, dilation dilatation
palpebro -eyelid
papillo optic disc
phaco, phako lens
photo light
retino retina
sclero clera
trabeculo meshwork, lattice
vitreo glass, gel like
chalasis relaxation
-opia, opsia visual condition
-tropia turning
-tropion turning
auro ear
cochleo cochlea
gonio angle
mio contraction, less
emmetr/o in proper measure
chalasis relaxation
myos/o muscle
rhabd/o rod shaped
dacryocyst/o lacrimal sac
radicul/o nerve roots
tetra four
para abnormal
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