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Red Book


thermae baths
ibat was going
oleum oil
strigilis: strigilem strigil, scraper
fert: tulit brings, carries
athleta athlete
pugil: pugilem boxer
palaestra palaestra, exercise ground
se himself, herself, themselves
exercet: exercuit exercises
discus discus
emittit: emisit throws, sends out
invenit: invenit finds
apodyterium changing-room
tepidarium warm room
paulisper for a short time
caldarium hot room
ibi there
garrit: garrivit chatters, gossips
statua statue
posuit placed, put up
porticus colonnade
offert: obtulit offers
medius middle
novus new
longe far, a long way
aurae air
evolat: evolavit flies
redit: rediit goes back, comes back, returns
accipit: accepit accepts, receives
tradit: tradidit hands over
nasus nose
fractus broken
mane in the morning
domina lady (of the house), mistress
donum present, gift
hae these
sordidus dirty
intus inside
alius other, another
eligit: elegit chooses
haec this
quanti how much
quinquaginta fifty
denarius a denarius (a small coin)
cupit: cupivit wants
tibi to you
decem ten
quadraginta forty
quidecim fifteen
nimium too much
triginta thirty
dat: dedit gives
consentit: consensit agrees
gratiae thanks
gratias agit thanks
induit: induit puts on
abit: abiit goes away
pauper: pauperem poor
gerit: gessit wears
parce mercy
aeger: aegrum sick, ill
liberi children
audit: audivit hears, listens to
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