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SF 1.4 Vocabulary

Ms. Harding: If You Made a Million

the total sum amount What _____ of money do you need to buy a fruzer at FES?
a written order directing a bank to pay money to the person named check Matthew's mom wrote a ______ to pay for his field trip.
got money in return for work or service earned Sydni ____ a lot of money helping out at Big Daddy's last summer.
costing a lot of money expensive Davon is saving his money to buy an _____ video game.
the money paid for the use of someone else's money interest Ms. Harding's money earns _____ while it's in her bank account.
the real worth of something in money value The _____ of Kate's Barbie dolls will increase over time if she takes good care of them.
equal in value to worth Braxten's new fishing pole is _____ a lot of money.
ten hundreds; 1,000 thousand If Cairo had ten $100 bills, she would have one ____ dollars.
one thousand thousands; 1,000,000 million The construction happening at our school probably costs eight ____ dollars.
Created by: msharding