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4th Science Insects

Chapter 1 Insects

The name for a person who spends his time trying to learn about the things God has made? A scientist
The name for a bright red bird that is the official bird of seven states? cardinal
The name for the type of tree that produces acorns? oak
A word which means looking carefully at something? observation
The name for a red-breasted bird found all across North America? robin
The study of the wonder of the universe science
The Canadian floral emblem that can "eat" insects? pitcher plant
This shows you the part of the continent where an animal or plant can usually be found range map
What is our state flower? blue bonnet (not the butter!)
What is our state bird mocking bird
What are 3 reasons to study science To help others, to find cures for disease, to find ways to do our work easier and quicker.
List the four stages of metamorphosis 1 egg 2 larva 3 pupa 4 adult
The breathing holes on an insect spiracles
The process in which and insect sheds its old exoskeleotn molting
The long narrow egg-laying part of a female cricket ovipositor
Insect that fold their wings together when resting butterflies
The home for the pupa of a moth cocoon
A sensible guess based on observation hypothesis
Tiny hairs for hearing and sensing sensilla
An animal that captures and eats other animals predator
A young insect which looks almost like and adult nymph
Eyes which enable and insect to see in almost all directions at once compound eyes
A word describing animals which are most active at dark nocturnal
A disguise that allows a blending in with the surroundings camouflage
Another name for the three stages of insect growth incomplete metamprphosis
The name for a disguise that makes a harmless animal look like a harmful one mimicry
To spend the winter sleeping hibernate
A chemical used to kill insect insecticide
A God-given ability or behavior that is inherited rather than learned instinct
True or False? social insect live and work together in commutities True
True of False? A host attaches itself to another plant or animal to feed on it. False
True of False? Honeybees make their cells form paper False
Lice are parasites True
Ants in the Bible are examples of hard working insects where is the answer oh well lets guess its true (True)
What is the term for what insects do when they go into a long, deep sleep for the winter? hybernateion
What is the term for what insect do when they grow a new skeleton and shed the old one? molt
Antennae help insects with all of these but one which: taste, find directions,breathe,an smell breathe
which of the following insects has only one pair of wings? : butterfly, bee, mosquito, and cricket Mosquito
An insect uses its ovipositor to ___?___ lay eggs
Which of the following insects migrates:? fly, grasshopper, ladybug, or beetle ladybug
Which of the following insect is a social insect? fly, beetle, moth, or termite termite
Which of the following insects is a parasite?: lice, caddies worms, crickets, or ladybugs lice
Which of the following creatures is and insect?: earthworm, spider, bee, or centipede bee
List the four stages of metaphorsis egg larva pupa adult
Put B the blank if the clue describes a butterfly or M if it describes a moth: folds its wings when resting B
Write B in the blank if the clue describes a butterfly or M if it describes a moth: feathery antennae M
Write B in the blank if the clue describes a butterfly or M if ti describe a moth: thick bodies M
Write B in the blank if the clue describes a butterfly write M if it describes a moth: its larva spins a cocoon M
Write B in the blank if the clue describes a butterfly or M if it describes a moth: its larva grows a crysalis B
List the five ways insects communicate smell touch sight dancing and (sound)
True or False a lacewing protects itself buy letting off a bad odor True
True or False A monarch butterfly gets its bitter taste from the milkweed it eats True
True or False A predator is a frend to insects False
True or false A camouflaged insect frightens its enemies bu its ugliness False
True or False Insect which mimic other are harmless True
Which insect eats wood? : paper wasp, termite, driver, or the mosquito? Termite
which insect used to be a woolly bear caterpillar? : measuring worm moth, Hera moth, Polyphemus moth, or Isabella moth Isabella moth
which insect has no wings? : silverfish, praying mantis, grasshopper, or the ladybug? silver fish
Which insect mimics a yellow jacket? : honeybee, firefly, painted lady butterfly, or the syrphid fly? syrphid fly
Which insect migrates from Canada to southern California, Florida, to Mexico for the winter? :cricket, monarch butterfly, earwig, or the dead leaf butterfly Monarch
which insect goes through complete metamorphosis? : Grasshopper, cockroach, moth, or the termite the moth
which insects live in colonies? : ants, beetles, flies, or moths ants
which insect destroys crops? : locust, ant, termite, or the bee locust
which insect is known for its song? : ladybug, cricket, butterfly, or the firefly cricket
which insect helps gardeners and farmers monarch butterfly, aphid, ladybug, or the mosquito ladybug
insect stage is between larva & adult pupa
the holes in an insects body used for breathing is called spiracles
the hard covering or insects - exoskeleton
a young insect that looks almost like an adult nymph
the part of an insect's body containing the heart and stomach abdomen
a caterpillar maggot or grub larva
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