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ELA 1/28/14

ELA vocabulary

Inference The act or the process of reaching a conclusion from known facts or every
Support To provide with substantiation
Subtle Hard to notice or see not obvious
Intuition A feeling that guides a person to act a certain way without fully understanding why
Biological Related through birth
Typography The style and aperients of printed matter at the art Sand Seracult face of the range
San Serif typeface Style of typeface was simple lines
Serif typeface Style or typeface with decorative lines on letters
Calligraphy The art of producing decorative handwritten lettering with a pen or a brush
Naïvely Innocently unwisly
Claim A statement that can be supported with evidence
Evidence Something that Furnishes proof
Karma Good or bad luck see you guys resulting from one's actions
Relented Gave in yielded
Commencement Graduation
Created by: Quinnc335