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european union Which unites much of western eurooe into one trading community enjoys a greater volume of trade than any singels country in the world.
Heavy Industry the manufacture of machinery and equiment
Mixed Farming raising several kind of crops and live stock on the same farm
State Farm not sharing in the profits but gettingh wages like factory workers
Greenhouse Effect the capacity of certain gases in the atmoshphere to trap heat there by warming the earth
Global Warming gradual warming ofearth and its atmosphere that may be caused in part by pollutio n and an increasa in the greenhouse effect
Tundra a vast, treeless plain, dominated the Russian land scapce
Taiga a forest belt that corers 2/5 of european Ruissia & extends
Steppe samll area between the black & caspain seas
Ethic Group share a common ancestry, language, religion or set of customs, or a combination of those things
cold war the stuggle between the 2 cometing systems