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Egotist A selfish self center person
Bigamy The criminal offense of marrying 1 person while still legally married to anther
Anthropologist the scientific study of origin, behavior and the physical social cultural develop of human
Misanthrope one who hates or mistrust human kind
Ambidextrous unusually skillful adroit
Misogamist hatred of marriage
Introvert Too turn directly inward
Gauche lacking social polish tacless
Altruist unselfish concerned for the welfare of others selflessness
Extrovert A person concerned more with external reality than inner feelings
Monogamy The practice of having only one mate
Ambivert A personality trait including the qualities of both introversion and extroversion
Misogynist One who hate women
Philanthropist The effort to increase he well being of human kind
Gynecologist The branch of medicine dealing with health care of woman
polygyny The practice of having m,ore than one wife at a time
Ascetic Avoiding pleasure and comfort especially for religion purpose
Polyandry The practice of having more than one husband at a time
Adrioit Quick in thought or reaction
Dexterity Metal skills or adroitness cleverness
Sinister Suggesting or threatening evil
Egocentric regarding everything only in relation to one self
Alternate to interchange regular or in succession
Altercation An angry r heated discussion or quarrel argument
Egomaniac obsessive preoccupation with the self
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