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CharlotteDoyle vocab

chapter 1

delegate to entrust another
gentleman a man with very good manners, education, and socail position
frock a mans coat or a womans dress
merchant a peronson who carries on trade especially on a large scale or with foreigen countries
oblige to earn grattitude
chaperone a person who goes with or is responsible for a person or a group
loath to dislike greatly
brawney muscular or strong
chapter 2 charlotte doyle
notions memories
obligations a promie or somting you said
resolving waiting or wanting to do somthing
chapter 5 charlotte doyle
congenial Alike or sympathetic in nature
Quell To put an end to
Docile Submissive
Civilized Good behavior; in keeping with good taste
Ardent Enthusiastic or passionate
Somber Dark or dull in tone ; gloomy
Reprieve To cancel or postpone
Decorum Occur/happening
Villi gent Carefully wAtch for danger
Slanderous A false spoken statement /malicious
Murmur A low faint sound
Brandish To wave or shake in a threatening manor
Salutation An action of a greeting
Brawny Muscular and strong
to give off or pass off as a vapor usually through pores Transpire
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