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Law and Ethics

Terms & Definitions

Health care professional Those who are trained to administer medical or health care to patients.
Plaintiff The person bring charges in a lawsuit.
Defendant The person or party against whom criminal or civil charges are brought in a lawsuit.
Liable Legally responsible or obligated.
Precedent Decisions made by judges in the various courts that become rule of law and apply to future cases(cases law)
Summary Judgement A decision made be a court in a lawsuit in response to a motion that pleads there is no basis for trial.
Fraud Dishonest or deceitful practice in depriving, or attempting to deprive, another or his or her rights.
Law Rule of conduct or action prescribed or formally recognized ass binding or enforced by a controlling authority.
Ethics Standards of behavior, developed as a result of one's concept of right and wrong.
Moral values One's personal concept of right and wrong, formed through the influence of the family,culture and society.
Code of ethics A list of principles intended to govern behavior- here, the behavior of those intrusted providing care.
Ethics Guidelines Publications that detail a wide variety of ethical situations that professionals might face in their work and offer principles for dealing with the situations in an ethical manner.
Hippocratic Oath A pledge for physicians, developed by Greek physician Hippocrates ciria 400 B.C.E
American Medical Association Principles a code of ethics for members of the American Medical Association, written in 1847
Bioethics A discipline dealing with ethical implications of biological research methods and results, especially in medicine.
Ethics Committee Committee made up of individuals who are involved in a patients care, including health care practitioners, family members, clergy, and others, with the purpose of reviewing ethical issues in difficult cases.
Medical ethicist bioethicst Specialists who consult with physicians, researchers, and others to make difficult ethical decisions regarding patient care.
Etiquette A standard of behavior considered to be good manners among members of a profession as they function as an individual society.
Protocol A code prescribing correct behavior in a situation, such as a situation arising in a medical office
Courtesy The practice of good manners.
Compassion Is empathy
Common sense Is simply sound practical judgement.
Critical thinking The ability to think analytically, using fewer emotions and more rationality.
Created by: Roy Linder
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