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List 3 Vocab

anvil iron block used for shaping metals
apathetic not showing/having feeling or emotion
apocryphal well-known but probably not true
arabesque decorative design made with lines that curve and cross
arbitrary not planned or chosen for a particular reason
arbitrate settle and argument between two people or groups with hearing what both sides have to say
arboreal relating to trees
arcane secret or mysterious
ardor strong feeling of energy
arduous very difficult
assail to attack or criticize
assay examination
assimilate to learn so it can be understood and used
astute ability to understand and notice
auspicious showing that future success is likely
austere simple or plain
avid very eager/ wanting something very much
avow to declare in an open and public way
banal boring or ordinary
barrage used in dams
Created by: mckinzeydean1102