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RAM / Random Access Memory Temp location to store memory, if computer is turned off this memory is turned off. Adding more can increase speed of computer.
CPU / Central Processing Unit / Processor Processes all actions for a computer. Requires a heatsink to keep from melting.
Motherboard Connects everything to one central location.
Hard Drive Permanent storage system.
System Unit Holds motherboard and components in place
Monitor Disply device that projects images on a screen.
Video Graphic Adapter / Graphics/Video Card Allows connection to monitor and allows higher resolution.
Bit Smalllest unit of computing 1 or 0 On or Off
Byte 8 bits = 1 byte
Gigahertz GHz Speed of processor by billions of ticks per second
Megahertz MHz Speed of processor by millions of ticks per second
Gigabyte GB Storage measurement in billions of bytes
Network Interface Card Allows Pc to connect to a network
Optical Drive Adds read and write capabilities to your computer for portability
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