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Voc Set #8 WMS Sci

Vocabulary #8 Severe Weather 8th Grade Science

Large snow storm characterized by strong sustained winds of at least 35 mph and lasting 3 hours or more. Blizzard
Extreme snowfall caused by the evaporation of relatively warm, moist air into a cold front. The storm drops its snow on the leeward side of the lake. Lake-effect snow
What the temperature feels like when the wind is taken into account. It depends on air temperature and wind speed. Windchill
Classification of hurricanes according to wind speed, potential for flooding in terms of the effect of sea level and the potential for property damage. Ranging in category from 1-5, with 5 being the most severe. Saffir Simpson Scale
Huge discharge of electricity typical of thunderstorms that are generated by rapid rushes of air in a cumulonimbus cloud. Lightning
Long lines of thunderstorms that form along a cold front. Squall lines
Sound produced as superheated air expands and contracts due to a lightning bolt. Thunder
Storms caused by upwelling air; cumulonimbus clouds, thunder, and lightning. Thunderstorm
A scale that ranks tornadoes according to their path of destruction, Wind speed and duration. Ranges from F-0 to F-5, with F-5 being the most severe. Fujita Scale
Also called twisters are violent whirling columns of air in contact with the ground. Tornadoes
A severe tropical cyclone having winds greater than 74 miles per hour; originating in the equatorial regions of the Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean Sea or eastern regions of the Pacific Ocean, traveling N. NW. or NE from a pt. of origin involving heavy rains. Hurricane
High water due to the low pressure at the center of a hurricane. Storm Surge
A change in wind direction and speed between slightly different altitudes, especially a sudden downdraft. Wind Shear
Created by: kkiebler