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Chapter 5 SS

Who was known as "the Father of Railways" after he developed the train engine? George Stephenson
How do inventors make changes to the community? They come up with new ideas to improve the way people live and work.
What do the telegraph and the telephone have in common? They were both invented to speed up communication.
How did Ford's Model T cars change transportation? They made it possible fore more people to buy cars.
Which civilization invented paper and printing? Ancient China
10 years decade
the tools people use every day technology
a government in which citizens choose government leaders who make decisions republic
the times we live in today modern
the right to vote suffrage
a large group of people living in a well-organized way civilization
all the land and people under the control of a powerful nation empire
type of government in which citizens make the decisions democracy
How have inventions changed the way we live? They make life easier.
Who invented the telegraph? Samuel Morse
Who invented one of the first telephones? Alexander Graham Bell
Who invented one of the first cars? Henry Ford
What are some examples of "fast changes" in communities? Fire, Tornado, Flash Flood
What is a primary source? A source from that time or a person who was really there.
What is a secondary source? A person who was NOT there writes or paints about a time or event.
Created by: kbachmann