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SAT Word Study #1

abhor VERB (ab HOR) to hate very much, to detest utterly. "The Booker boys _____________________ doing CHORES."
abominate VERB (uh BOM uh nate) to dislike strongly; to regard with intense aversion or loathing. "I ____________________ BOMBS."
abridge VERB (uh BRIJ) to shorten; to condense; to diminish; to curtail. "A___ ____________________ dictionary is one that has been shortened."
abstruse ADJECTIVE (ab STROOSE) hard to understand. "Chemistry is a_____ __________________ subject of study for many students
abut VERB (uh BUT) to border upon; to adjoin. "In Hong Kong the skyscrapers so closely _________________ each other, in some cases they touch sides.
abyss NOUN (uh BISS) bottomless pit; a yawning gulf; a profound depth or void. "The lost spaceship wandered endlessly in the vast ________________ of the galaxy.
accolade NOUN (AK uh layd) an award; an honor; approval; praise. "Jane and Jack received _____________________________ for their LEMONADE."
adjunct NOUN (AJ unkt) something connected or added to another in a subordinate position; an assistant. "The library was an ____________________ to the Ford's original home."
affidavit NOUN (af uh DAY vit) a sworn written statement. "The defense lawyer had a sword __________________________ from witnesses claiming his client was innocent of the crime.
affinity NOUN (uh FIN uh tee) a natural attraction; kinship; similarity. "Mary has a____ _______________________ for sports and excelled at volleyball, basketball, and swimming."
Word of Mouth IDIOM Meaning: by one person telling another; by speaking, rather than writing. "The movie got bad reviews, but it became popular by _________________________________________________"
Worth Your Salt IDIOM Meaning: deserving the pay or reward that you get, "In order to get a raise, you'll have to prove that you're __________________________________________."
Wrong Side of the Tracks IDIOM Meaning: from a less socially desirable part of town; poor and unfashionable. "Alex's mother was horrified when she started dating a boy from the _________________________________________________."
You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink IDIOM Meaning: you can encourage, but not force someone to do something. "We game him a new shirt, but he still wears the ripped one. You can __________________________________________________________________.
You can't teach an old dog new tricks IDIOM Meaning: people who find is difficult or impossible to change their ways or adjust to new ideas. "I tried to give Grandma a new recipe for spaghetti sauce, but she refused. You __________________________________________________________________
SAT Word Study Stack #1 My name is: Points earned: ________/30
Created by: JWeston
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