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antibotics part 3

widespread emergence of bacterial resistance to tetracycides and macrolides has drivena new class of antibiotics called what? Streptogrammins
why were streptogrammins made first synthetic antibiotic made to fight bacterial resistance to tetracyclides and macrolides
which drug is a streptogrammin quinuristine-dalfopristine
quinupristine-dalfoprisiting is classed as what? streptogrammin
what is important about streptogrammin amongst other drugs that inhiit protein synthesis? it is rapidly bacteriocidal instead of bacteriostatic
which drug to treat vnavomycin resistant infections? streptogrammin - quinupristine-dalfopristine
what does quinupristine-dalfoprisitne treat? multi-drug resistant gram positive organisms and vnacmycin resistant infections
which drug is an oxazolidinone linezolid (zyvox)
what does linezolid treat drug resistant gram post organismes like MRSA, VRE
which durgs are aminoglycocides? Streptomycin, gentamicin, tobramycin,
describe the davis model drugs cause bacteria to make faulty proteins leading to damage and eventual bacteria cell death
what does aminoglycocides treat? gram negative enteric bacteria
administering aminoglycosides often given with other drugs ike beta lactams and vanco for sundergistic mechanisms and extended coverage
which amino glycosides are used topically? tobramycin and kanamycin
what is tobramycin used for aminoglycoside inhalation for p. aeruginosa
aminoglycoside route not given orally poor bioavailabilit
side effects of aminoglycosides otto and nephrotoxicity
how is resistance made to aminoglycocides? inactivation of bacterial enzyes, decreased penetration, mutation of 30s ribsomal subunit so aminoglycoside ownt beable to bind to it
which drugs inhibit DNA synthesis? antifolate drugs, DNA gyrase inhibitors
which drug is an antifolate drug? sulfonamides and pyrimidine like trimethroprim
why is folate needed to make purines for nucleic acid
how does sulfonamide work competes with PABA for Dihydopteroate enzyme. looks like PABA
what is dihydopteroate used for to make purines and thus build DNA
wy is resistance such a big problem with sulfa? everyone has had a sulfa drug
how does trimethroprim work? inhibits dihydrofolate reductase in protozoa
why do antifolate drugs not affect human cells? unlike bacteria we do not make our own folat we get ours from dietary intake.
how are drugs resistant to sulfa? over productions of PABA, lower affinity for drug, permeability to drug is decreased
which drug is mainstay for UTI infections? Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole
adverse effect of sulfanomide fever, skin rash rarely stevens johnson syndrme, urine precipitates
what is important to know baout drugs that affect folate it also affects rapidly dividing cells adn can cause bonemarrow supression
which drug is a pyrimethamine trimethoprim analog
whatother infections can trimethoprim be used for protozoa infections like leshmaniasis , toxoplasmosis
if a woman has had a rash from using bactrim and anaphylaxis with penicillin how else can we treat ehr uti fluroquinolones
how does flouroquinolone work inhibit DNA gyrase which prevents uncoiling of DNA and thus prevenitng replicaiton and transcription
what is DNA gyrase it is an enzyme that removes the coiling of DNA strands so it an be transcribed and replciated
ow are florouquinolones excreted Renal
how are resistnace to fluroquinoloes devlpe? most common in staph and pseudomonas infections, mutation of DNA gyrase binding site, high cross resistance to all fluroquinolone
which drugs are fluroquinolones ciprofloxacin, levoflocacin, moxifloxacin,
adverse effect of fluroquinolones generally well tolerated, potential for QT elongation esleiall with class 1 and 2 antiarrythmic drugs and worse with hypokalemia
should flouroquinolones be given to children?
Created by: Cherry5301