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science quarterly

what is energy? the ability to do work or cause change
what are two general kinds of energy? kinetic and potential
what is kinetic energy? the energy of motion
Greek for kinetic means moving
what is potential energy? energy that is stored and held in readiness and has potential to do work
what are two types of potential energy? elastic and gravitational
what is elastic potential energy? potential energy associated with objects that can be stretched or compressed
what is gravitational potential energy? potential energy that depends on height
what is energy stored in? fuels
what is a fuel? a material that stores chemical potential energy
coal, petroleum, and natural gas are all known as fossil fuels
what is temperature? the measure of the average kinetic energy of the partials in a substance
what are the three temperature scales? Fahrenheit, Celsius, and kelvin
AZ= -460 WF= 32 WB= 212 Fahrenheit
AZ= -273 WF= 0 WB= 100 Celsius
AZ= 0 WF= 273 WB= 373 Kelvin
what is thermal energy? the total energy of all particles within an object
what is heat? thermal energy that moves from a warmer object to a cooler object
what is heat transferred by? conduction, convection, and radiation
what is conduction? the way heat is transferred from one particle of matter to another without the movement itself
what is convection? the movement that transfers heat within the water.
what is radiation? the transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves
what is a conductor? a material that conducts heat well like metals such as silver and stainless steel
what is an insulator? a material that does not conduct heat well such as wood, wool, straw paper, and cork
what are the 3 states of matter? solid, liquid, and gas
how will matter change from one state to another when thermal energy is absorbed or released
what is melting point? the temperature at which a solid changes to a liquid
what is freezing point? when a substance changes from a liquid to a solid
what is boiling point? the temperature at which a liquid boils
what is vaporization? the process by which matter changes from the liquid to the gas state
what is condensation? a change from the gas state to the liquid state
what is evaporation? vaporization that takes place at the surface of a liquid
what are the layers of the atmosphere? troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, and thermosphere
what are the 2 layers of the thermosphere? the ionosphere and the exosphere
what is the weather instrument that is used to measure air pressure? barometer
what is the weather instrument that is used to measure air temperature? thermometer
what is the weather instrument that is used to measure wind velocity? anemometer
what is the weather instrument that is used to measure wind direction? wind vane
what is the weather instrument that is used to measure precipitation? rain gauge
what is the weather instrument that is used to measure relative humidity psychrometer
Created by: lia1618