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Mod 1/Reading

Module 1, Assignment 1, Reading

Words in CAPITALS, bold, italics or color are examples of: a) Visual Elements b) Special Formatting c) Distracting Tactics b) Special Formatting
A secondary idea expands on what part of a Key Concept? a) Questions b) The Beginning c) The Main Idea c) The Main Idea
The Table of Contents provides: a) an outline of the entire reading b) only page numbers c) the most knowledgable part of the book a) an outline of the entire reading
If you don't know the meaning of a key word you should: a) make up your own definition b) use a dictionary to look it up c) skip over it b) use a dictionary to look it up
Reading critically is especially important when: a) gathering information online b) Reading the Table of Contents c) looking up definitions a) gathering information online
If you have tried multiple techniques you may seek assistance by: a) asking your instructor b) receiving tutoring c) discussing the reading materical with a fellow classmate d) All of the above d) All of the above
What is a "main idea"? The most important idea the writer wants to convey to the reader.
What are some examples of Visual Elements? Examples of Visual Elements are charts, graphs, illustrations, diagrams and photographs.
True or False: Reading in chunks helps you become a faster reader. True
True or False: Your attitude does not affect your reading comprehension. False
True or False: The fastest way to preview a book is to look at the Table of Contents. True
True or False: Creating a reading schedule can help you increase the amount of material you recall. True
True or False: Summarizing a passage in your own words can help you to understand better. True
True or False: Creating a list of questions decreases your active involvement and lessens your understanding. False
The chapter summary typically identifies the _______ in the chapter. Important ideas
The goal of reading is to ______ key concepts, ideas and supporting details. Collect
Words in ______ highlight key concepts and ideas. Special Formatting
_________ reinforce concepts in the text and improve understanding. Visual Elements
The act of running your eyes over a page without recalling any information is _____. Mindless reading
One of the most important way you collect knowledge is through ______. Reading
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