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Science U1 Joe gr 7

beaker an open glass lab container for mixing and heating
centi one hundredth (1/100)
conclusion a statement that sums up what you learned
control group that doesn't get the independent variable
deca ten (10)
English System system of measurement base don the pound, the foot and the gallon
experiment to test out your hypotheses collect data in changed variables
flask a vial or long neck lab container sometimes corked
graduated cycinder used to measure liquid volume and has calibrated marks
gram the basic metric unit of mass
hecto one hundred (100)
hypothesis an educated guess based on observations and your knowledge of the topic.
KHDUdcm Kids dropped under desks converting to metrics
kilo one thousand (1,000)
length the distance from one point to another
liter basic unit of liquid volume
mass amount of matter in something
meter basic unit of length or distance in metrics
meter stick a 1 meter long and is divided into 100 equal part lines
metric ruler a stick to measure length which is divided into centimeters and millimeters.
metric system system of measurement based on the gram, the meter and the liter.
milli one thousandth (1/1000)
observation using your senses like seeing,, hearing, touch, taste and smell.
prediction making a guess based on what is already known.
probleam the first step in the scientific investigation (usually is a question)
S.I. System International
Scientific Method a method used to find answers to questions about the world around us.
test tube a cylindrical lab glas tube with round end and open end .
theory set of hypothesis that have been supported by testing over and over again.
triple beam balance one kind of balance that is commonly used to measure mass.
units amount used to measure something.
variable anything that can affect the outcome of an experiment
volume amount of space an object takes up
weight is a measure of Earth's pull gravity between the Earth and object mass, w=mxg
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