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Latin Phrases

Carpe Diem Seize the day
Ta bu la Rosa Blank Slate
E pluribus unum From many,one
Fortuna caeca est Luck is Blind
pro Bono Publico for the public good
Pabor omnia Vincit work conquers all
semper ubi, sub ubi always where, under where
senatus populusque romanus senate & Roman people
regina viarum queen of the roads
modus operandi way of working
amicus curiae friend of the court
a mare usque ad mare from sea to sea
mare nostrum our sea
ad Nausea to (point of) digust
sie semper tyranis this always to tryrants
non scholae sed vitae (discimus) we learn not for school but for life
docendo discimus we learn by teahing
nota bene- N.B note well
cave canem beware of dog
persona non grata unwelcome person
Created by: Craycray