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QA & Equipment

Quality Assurance and Equipment in Radiation Therapy

Which component in a linear accelerator is the source of microwave power? Klystron
What is the purpose of a beam flattening filter? Absorbs more photons from the central axis
True or False? The scattering foil is used in photon beams. False. It is used with electrons
What are the 4 major components in the drive stand? Klystron, waveguide, circulator, & cooling system
What is the half-life for Co-60? 5.26 years
How often does a Co-60 source need to be replaced? At least every 5.3 years
How often does the output for a Co-60 source need to be checked? Every month
What is the Dmax for 10MV? 2.5cm
What is the Dmax for 6MV? 1.5cm
What does cerrobend consist of? Bismuth, Lead, Tin, & Cadmium
True or False? There is a different scattering foil for every electron energy. True
All planned or systematic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that a product or service will satisfy given requirements for quality is known as… Quality Assurance
On a conventional simulator, how often are the lasers checked? Daily
Who is the main person in charge of performing the quality control procedures? Radiation Therapist
Who is responsible for establishing and managing quality control procedures and tolerances? Physicist
What is the tolerance of the lasers on a conventional simulator? +/-2mm
How often is the emergency/collision avoidance checked on a conventional simulator? Monthly
How often is the alignment of gantry lasers with the center of the imaging plane on a CT simulator checked? Daily
What is the tolerance of the gantry laser alignment in a CT simulator? +/-2mm
How often is the gantry tilt accuracy checked on a CT simulator? Annually
What 2 types of bending magnets are there for linear accelerators? 90 and 270 degrees
What is the purpose of the ion monitor chamber in a linear accelerator? Monitor dose rate and field symmetry
Every month a correction in the output due to decay has to be accounted for in treatment time calculations for Co-60 machines of about how much? About 1.09%
Which agency requires quality assurance log books be accurately kept for review? Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
What is the SAD for a Co-60 machine? 80cm
What is the SAD for a linear accelerator? 100cm
What is the Dmax for Co-60? 0.5cm
T or F? Radioactive sources used in brachytherapy are available sealed and unsealed? True
Sealed sources for brachytherapy come in what forms? Pellets, Seeds, Capsules, Needles, Buttons, or Metal Rods
How often should radiation detectors for brachytherapy be calibrated? Monthly or after each repair
All brachytherapy sources in inventory should be tested for leakage how often? Semi-annually at a minimum
CT simulators can acquire anatomic data using which scanning methods? Axial or Helical Scanning
A tomotherapy machine has a similar gantry design as to what other machine? CT Scanner
T or F? During tomotherapy treatment 3D images are acquired to verify accurate focus on the target volume? True
If a brachytherapy patient is remaining in the hospital, adjoining rooms must not exceed how much radiation? 0.2mSv/hr
Why should treatment accessories be checked regularly? Ensure physical integrity and reliability
The CT number accuracy of water is checked how often? Daily
How often is the image noise evaluated for CT simulators? Daily
How often are emergency off switches checked on Co-60 Units and linear accelerators? Monthly
Which group sets standards to ensure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women? Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
If any medical device causes death or injury of a patient or employee, which agency must the incident be reported to? Food & Drug Administration
What is the average energy of Radium-226? 0.830 MeV
What is the average energy of Cobalt-60? 1.253 MeV
What is the average energy of Cesium-137? 0.662 MeV
What is the average energy of Iridium-192? 0.380 MeV
What is the average energy of Iodine-125? 0.028 MeV
What is the average energy of Palladium-103? 0.021MeV
What is the average energy of Gold-198? 0.412 MeV
What is the half-life of Radium-226? 1622 years
What is the half-life of Cesium-137? 30 years
What is the half-life of Iridium-192? 73.83 days
What is the half-life of Iodine-125? 59.4 days
What is the half-life of Palladium-103? 16.99 days
What is the half-life of Gold-198? 2.7 days
What is the half-life of Radon-222? 3.82 days
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