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Gov's cup science

Governor's cup for science # 14

This young woman was not allowed public schooling in England because her father would not abide by the rulings of the church. Later, she resigned her teaching position in Henderson, Kentucky, because of her strong abolitionist views. Who is the first woman to receive a medical degree in United States? Elizabeth Blackwell
The scientist studies matter and energy and how the two are related. What scientist may study the motion of a roller coaster to understand potential and kinetic energy? Physicist
This blue planet spins differently than the other planets. It seems to be spinning on its side with the South Pole sometimes pointed directly at the sun. What large ringed planet is named for the ancient Greek God of the heavens? Uranus
These bottom dwelling ocean creatures with hinged shell are considered living fossils. What marine animals have pedicles that they use to burrow into the sea floor to anchor themselves to the ocean bottom? Brachiopods
Jane Goodall is a primatologist who studied these animals in Tanzania. What primates were the subjects of her 45 year study? chimpanzees
The largest mountain in the solar system, Olympus Mons, is located on this inner planet and rises 78,000 feet above the surface of the planet. On which planet can Olympus Mons be found? Mars
Whenever energy is transformed, some of that energy becomes unavailable. This term refers to the measure of the unavailability of the energy. What is this term that means the measure of disorder or randomness in a closed system? Entropy
This layer of soil is a brown or black material that results from partial decomposition of plant or animal matter. What is this organic portion of the soil? Humus
Created by: scscolts