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Gov's cup science

Governor's cup for science # 12

You are going to conduct an experiment to separate hydrogen and oxygen from water. Which items will you need to conduct your experiment? A beaker of H2O, two lead pencils sharpened on both ends and a battery.
Electricity requires the flow of these sub atomic particles. A continuous flow of what subatomic particles creates an electric current? Electrons
Scientists often use these fossils to study the past. What name is given to the fossil of an extinct marine arthropod often found in Kentucky? Trilobite
Your shadow is shortest at this time of day. At what time is the sun highest in the sky, causing your shadow to appear the shortest? Midday
Living things are organized into five large groups called kingdoms. This organism was once considered a plant, and was classified in the plant kingdom. What organisms have cell walls made of chitin, and a mycelium mycelium made of tiny filaments called hyphae? Fungi
Butterflies goes through four stages of development. What scientific term is defined as this rapid transformation of a larva into an adult? Metamorphosis
This part of the plant develops into the seed. What part of a plant is fertilized and becomes the fruit? Ovule
Galileo proved Copernicus’ theory that the earth was not the center of the universe. What did Galileo do that prove that the sun was the center of our solar system? He observed the phases of Venus
The human heart has four chambers. Which of the chambers is filled with carbon dioxide rich blood and then pumps that blood into the lungs? Right ventricle
Created by: scscolts