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Gov's cup science

Governor's cup for science # 11

These organisms are made of one cell and can both help and harm people. What are the organisms some of which can be used to make medicines and others that can cause sore throats? Bacteria
Matter is made up of atoms
Wind can change the rate at which water evaporates by making it evaporate faster
This statement about the thyroid gland is not correct it is found in your stomach
The group of animals in which each animal has a different job, such as termites where there are soldiers and nurse maids, is called a colony
This author wrote about the dangers of pesticides in the book Silent Spring. Who was one of the first people devoted to defending the natural world against pollution? Rachel Carson
What would be considered to be a population? All the fish of the same kind that live in a lake
Several animals go through a series of body changes known as metamorphosis. What step is not a stage of incomplete metamorphosis in insects? Pupa
Born to slave parents, this man developed hundreds of uses for the sweet potato. Who was the first black scientist to gain nationwide prominence? Carver
Created by: scscolts