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Midterm 1

Long Term Care, Communication, Infection Control, Safety & Resident Rights !

You and the nursing team calls Mrs.Jones a Patient. What type of health care setting do you work in? A Hospital or Rehabilitation Center or A Hospice
$$ What are the four purposes and goals of a Long Term Care Facility?$$ A.Promoting Physical and Mental Health B.Treating Chronic Illness C.Preventing Communicable Disease D.Providing Rehabilitation and Restorative Care
You see your Staff RN doing abusive behavior to a patient. Who should you report this to? Charge Nurse
If the doctor calls to tell you to collect a urine sample from the patient, what is the proper thing for you to do as a CNA? Politely explain to the doctor you cannot take orders over the phone and go get the nurse
True or False: The ombudsman program is ran by a private agency FALSE ! The Ombudsman Program is a State run agency
$$ What do residents have the right to? $$ Information, Refusal of Treatment, Privacy , Personal Choice, Voice Disputes & Grievances, Not Work, Take part in Residence & Family Groups, Care & Security of Personal Items, Freedom from Abuse, Freedom from Restraint, Quality of Life & Activities
What Law was put into affect in 1987 to require training for Nursing Assistants? OBRA ( Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 )
What type of jewelry shouldn't you wear? Why? Big rings, bracelets, dangling earrings and necklaces. They can hurt the resident and confused residents may try to pull them off and hurt you.
$$ What is the difference between Reporting and Recording? $$ Reporting is the oral account of care and observations --- Recording is the written account of care and observations
HIPAA ( Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act ) prevents you as a CNA from doing what? Sharing any PHI ( Private Health Information ) with anyone!
what is a Prefix Begin A Word, Change the meaning of a word and Always are combined with other word elements
What is the medical term for difficulty breathing? Dyspnea
what does Bradycardia mean? Slow heart rate
What does the Suffix "itis" mean? Inflammation
what does the root word "glyc(o)" mean? Sugar
The Suffix "Stomy" or "Ostomy" means Creation of an opening
If you see AOx3 on a patients paper work what does it mean? The patient was "alert and oriented to person, time, and place"
If a nurse says to you "Go to Miss. Smith room STAT" when should you go? Right Away because STAT means AT ONCE
What is the correct abbreviation for when necessary? P.R.N.
h.s. is the abbreviation for... Hour Of Sleep (Bedtime)
What does the Nursing Process include? 1.Assesment 2.Nursing Diagnosis 3.Planning 4.Implementation 5.Evaluation (ANPIE)
If a patient complains of a head ache is this a sign or symptom? Symptom
What is the difference between Objective Data and Subjective Data ? Objective Date (Signs) can be seen, heard, felt or smelled ( using your own 5 senses) Subjective Data ( symptoms ) are things a person tells you that you cannot observe through your own senses
What are the four parts of Holism? Physical, Social, Psychological and Spiritual
Maslows Hierarchy of Needs in order Physical Needs Safety and Security Needs Love and Belonging Needs Self Esteem Needs Self Actualization Needs
Is giving your opinion a good way to achieve effective communication? NO
What type of questions are good ways to get a person to share thoughts, ideas and feelings? Open Ended Questions
Created by: Bmangum1920