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FA: Treatments

from Rapid Review: Classic/Relevant Treatments

absence seizures ethosuximide
acute gout attack NSAIDS, colchicine
acute promyelocytic leukemia [M3] all-trans retinoic acid
ADHD methylphenidate, amphetamines
alcohol abuse AA + disulfiram for pt and Al-Anon for family
alcohol withdrawal benzodiazepines
anorexia or bulimia SSRIs
anticoagulation during pregnancy heparin
arrhythmia in damaged cardiac tissue class 1B antiarrhythmic [lidocaine, mexiletine, tocainide]
B12 deficiency vit B12 supplements. work up cause w/ Schilling test
BPH tamsulosin, finasteride
bipolar disorder lithium, valproate, carbamazepine, lamotrigine [mood stabilizers]
breast cancer in postmenopausal woman aromatase inhibitor [anastrozole]
buerger's disease [thromboangiitis obliterans] stop smoking!
candida albicans ampho B [systemic], nystatin [oral thrush/esophagitis]
carcinoid syndrome octreotide
chlamydia trachomatis doxycycline [add ceftriaxone for gonorrhea coinfection]. erythromycin eye drops [prophylaxis for infants]
chronic gout probenecid [underexcretor], allopurinal [overproducer]
chronic hepatitis IFN-alpha
CML imatinib
c. botulinum antitoxin
c. diff oral metronidazole [oral vancomycin if refractory]
c. tetani antitoxin + vaccine booster + diazepam
crohn's disease corticosteroids, infliximab
cryptococcus neoformans fluconazole [prophylaxis in AIDS pt]
cyclophosphamide induced hemorrhagic cystitis mesna
cystic fibrosis N-acetylcysteine [Mucomyst] + antipseudomonal prophylaxis [tobramycin/azithromycin]
CMV ganciclovir
depression first line = SSRIs
diabetes insipidus central: desmopressin. nephrogenic: HCTZ, indomethacin, amiloride
DM type 1 low sugar diet + replace insulin
DM type 2 diet intervention, oral hypoglycemics, possible insulin
DKA fluids, insulin, potassium
enterococci vancomycin/ampicillin + aminoglycoside
erectile dysfunction sildenafil, vardenafil
ER+ breast cancer tamoxifen
ethylene glycol/methanol intoxication fomepizole [ETOH dehydrogenase inhibitor]
Hib rifampin prophylaxis
generalized anxiety disorder buspirone
acute heparin toxicity protamine sulfate
HER2/neu+ breast cancer trastuzumab
hyperaldosteronism spironolactone
hypercholesterolemia first line = statin
hypertriglyceridemia fibrate
immediate anticoagulation heparin
infertility leuprolide, pulsatile GnRH
influenza rimantadine, oseltamivir
legionella pneumo erythromycin
long term anticoagulation warfarin
malaria chloroquine [for blood schizont. mefloquine if resistant]. primaquine [for liver hypnozoite, relapses]
malignant hyperthermia dantrolene
medical abortion mifepristone
migraine sumatriptan
MRSA vancomycin
multiple sclerosis beta interferon, immunosuppression, natalizumab
MTB RIPE [rifampin, INH, pyrazinamide, ethambutol]
N. gonorrhea ceftriaxone [add doxycycline for coinfection w/ Chlamydia]
N. meningitis PCN/ceftriaxone. prophylaxis = rifampin
neural tube defect prevention prenatal folic acid
osteomalacia/rickets vit D supplements
osteoporosis bisphosphonates. Ca and vit D supplements
PDA indomethacin [to close]. PGE2 to keep it open
pheochromocytoma alpha antagonists [phenoxybenzamine]. phentolamine to Dx pheochromocytoma
pneumocystis jirovecii TMP-SMX [prophylaxis in AIDS pt]
prolactinoma bromocriptine [DA agonist]
prostate cancer/uterine fibroids leuprolide, continuous GnRH
prostate carcinoma flutamide
pseudomonas aeruginosa antipseudomonal PCN + aminoglycoside
idiopathic pulmonary arterial HTN sildenafil, bosentan, epoprostenol
rickettsia rickettsii doxycycline, chloramphenicol [esp. if pt has aplastic anemia]
ringworm infections terbinafine, griseofulvin, imidazole
schizophrenia [negative symptoms] 5-HT2 antagonists [2nd gen antipsychotics]
schizophrenia [positive symptoms] D2 receptor antagonists [1st and 2nd gen antipsychotics]
SIADH demeclocycline, lithium, ADH receptors antagonists
sickle cell anemia hydroxyurea [increase fetal Hgb]
sporothrix schenckii oral KCl
stable angina sublingual nitroglycerin
staph aureus MSSA: nafcillin, oxacillin, dicloxacillin. MRSA: vancomycin
strep bovis PCN prophylaxis. if linked to endocarditis: evaluate for colon cancer
strep pneumo PCN/cephalosporin [systemic infection, pneumonia], vancomycin [meningitis]
strep pyogenes PCN prophylaxis
temporal giant cell arteritis high dose steroids
tonic clonic seizures phenytoin, valproate, carbamazepine
toxoplasma gondii sulfadiazine + pyrimethamine
treponema pallidum PCN
trichomonas vaginalis metronidazole [pt + partner]
ulcerative colitis 5-ASA, infliximab
UTI prophylaxis TMP-SMX
warfarin toxicity acute: FFP. chronic: vit K
wegener's granulomatosis w/ polyangiitis cyclophosphamide, corticosteroids
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