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NLE bingo game 2

Roman House and cultural institutions

atrium entry hall, very spacious, used as reception area
compluvium opening in the ceiling of the atrium to admit light, air, and rainwater
impluvium the pool directly underneath the compluvium. It caught the water.
tablinum the study or office of the master (to read- legere)
peristylium open courtyard with garden and columns, center of family living
triclinium dining room (to eat- edere and to drink- bibere)
ientaculum breakfast, the lightest meal for the Romans
prandium lunch
cena dinner, the main meal for the Romans
cubiculum bedroom (to sleep- dormire)
culina kitchen (to cook- coquere)
insulae apartment building most romans lived here from insula- island
domus town house, for the wealthy to live in the city
spina racing median of the Circus Maximus
mappa cloth used to signal race beginning , also napkin used at dinner
auriga charioteer
apodyterium changing room at the baths
tepidarium warm bathing pool
caladarium hot bathing pool
frigidarium cold bathing pool
sudatorium sauna or room for sweating
palaestra outdoor exercise area at the Baths
Ave Caesar, morituri te salutamus! Hail Caesar, we who are about to die salute you!
Mymillones gladiator with a fish on his helmet
retaiarii gladiator armed with net and trident
Samnites heavily armed gladiator with shield and sword
Created by: judithcampbell