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Ongoing Conditions

A sugar restricted diet would be ordered for a client with_______? Diabetes
A normal Stoma should appear___________? Moist & pink
Range of Motion would be included in the care of a client with____? Arthritis
Quadreplegia is the paralysis of_____________? All 4 limbs & body trunk from the neck down
Osteoporosis increases your risk of___________? Fractures
A client c/o facial paralysis, difficulty speaking, and headache, this person could be having a ___________? Stroke/CVA
What does "NPO" mean? Nothing by Mouth
A client c/o frequency,burning and foul smelling urine, could have______? UTI (Urinary Track Infection)
To decrease swelling/ edma in the feet you would lower the feet? False
Increasing daily fluid intake could help improve someone's elemination? True
Catheter bags should be hung above the level of the bladder? False
A sore that doesn't heal is a warning sign of cancer? True
Deep breathing and coughing helps to prevent respiratory complications of immobilized clients? True
Wax build up in the ears can cause hearing loss? True
Kyphosis is a common condition in clients with osteoporosis? True
Diabetic clients require eating meals at regular times? True
Insulin dependant or juvenile onset diabetes is called Diabetes Melanoma. False
A sign of aging of the Urinary system is called __________? Urinary Incontinence
What is a sign of aging in the Cardiovascular system? Swelling in the feet
Tuberculosis (TB) is transmitted by _________? Sputum
What foods should be avoided when you have an ostomy? Spicy & Gassy
Paralysis on one side of the body refers to _________? Hemiplegia
Joint inflamation refers to ___________? Arthritis
Difficulty in expressing or receiving thoughts refers to ________ and _________ aphasia? receptive & expressive
Alopecia is the loss of __________? Hair
A malignant tumor refers to ___________? Cancer
The bone is broken but the skin is intact is a simple or ___________ fracture? Closed
The bone is broken and has come through the skin refers to a compound of _________ fracture? Open
The inability to speak refers to __________? Aphasia
A Cerebrovascular accident (CVA) refers to ____________? Stroke
The removal of all or part of extremity refers to___________? Amputation
A ____________is a new growth of abnormal cells? Tumor
Tumors can be ___________ or _____________? Benign or Malignent
________________ is the spread of cancer to other parts of the body? Metostosis
A diet restricted in sugar and caloric intake may be ordered for a __________ resident? Diabetic
Residents with dementia may be withdrawn and______________? Depressed
The swelling of body tissues with water refers to________? Edema
A degenerative joint disease is called_________________? Osteoarthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a ___________ disease? Chronic
When inspecting a stoma what colour should you look for? Moist & Pink
Open reduction means? Bone thru skin (surgical repair required)
Closed reduction Means? Bone not thru skin (non-surgical repair)
Gangrene involves death of tissue? True
Hepatitis is an inflammatory disease of liver? True
The organ that produces bile, which breaks down food, is the gallbladder? False
Hapatitis can be mild or can cause death? True
Parkinson residents tend to have an increase in tremors when they are stressed? True
Osteoporosis is a disease of the bone? True
Parkinson Disease can involve depression? True
Multiple Sclerosis is characterized by exacerbation and remissions? True
Clients with emphysema should refrain from smoking? True
Asthma is a disease, which causeswheezing and difficulty breathing? True
Pneumonia is a respiratory tract infection? True
TB generally attacks the res. tract? True
Hypertension is a persistent blood pressure that is above normal rate? True
As a result of aging peristalsis in the bowel is decreased? True
What is a surgically created opening between the colon and the abdominal wall called? Colostomy
What is and artificial opening between the ileum (small intestine) and the abdominal wall called? Ileostomy
What reason do people have colostomies? Cancer, Disease & Injury
An opening: Colostomy and ileostomy should appear _______ and _______ in colour? Moist & dark pink
Taking food in is called_____________? Ingestion
The process of breaking down food for the body to use is called? Digestion
Transferring nutrients to the body system is called? Absorbtion
Disposing of body waste is called? Excretion
Bile is produced in the __________? Liver
The muscular movement that pushes food through the stomach and intestines is called? Peristalis
Elderly clients are a greater risk of ___________ because they digest food slower due to decreased perstalis? Choking
What is the first thing you should do if a client is choking? Call for help
What are some contributing factors of cancer? History, smoking, sun exposure, alcohol, virus & infection
Tumors are either___________ or ______________? Benign or Malignent
Name 2 Musculoskeletal disorders? Osteoarthritis and Rheumotoid Arthritis
A broken bone is called a ______________? Fracture
What is a surgical replacement for a joint? arthroplasty
How do fractures occur? By fall, near falls, and accidents
What is a sudden attack of an illness called? Acute
What usually controls epileptic seizures? Medication
A person with a breathing disorder may tire easily? True
When SOB(shortness of Breath) is evident the best position for breathing is the Prone Posistion? False
Air trapped in the Alveoli of an asthmatic person may cause a barrel chest? False
TB is a bacterial infection spread by airborne droplets? True
TB is most likly to occur in crowded environments? True
TB can occur in lungs, kidneys and bones? True
TB is a viral infection, much like the common cold? False
A sudden loss of consciousness followed by twitching and jerking of muscles is called a ___________? Seizures
What are 3 levels of heat emergencies? heat stroke, exhaustion, cramping
What is a tube that enters through the nose and goes into the stomach called? Nasogastric Tube
A human bite would present a high risk of___________? Infection
Blood in the urine is called? Hematuria
Painful urination is called___________? Dysuria
Frequent urination is called ________________? Urinary frequency or polyuria
What procedure is done to people whose kidneys are not working in order to remove waste products normally removed by the kidneys? Dialysis
What name of the nervous system disease that is characterized by the loss of the Mylen Sheath? Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
What is Hyper Tension? High blood pressure
When a person experiences pain in a limb that has been amputated, this is called a ____________ pain? Phantom
What happens when a person has a heart attack? No oxygen is getting to the heart
Inflammation of the liver is called? Hepatitis
What is one noticeable sign of Hepatitis which is yellow in colouring in the sclera and skin? Jaundice
Kypnosis is hunched back and is a sign of osteoporosis? True
Created by: Lindasbell
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