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AIJ2 2-2 Sentences

白い犬が机の上にいます。 There is a white dog on the desk.
黒い犬が机の下にいます。 There is a black dog under the desk.
茶色の犬が車の中にいます。 There is a brown dog in the car.
大きい犬が車の外にいます。 There is a big dos outside the car.
小さい犬が車の前にいます。 There is a small dog in front of the car.
耳の大きい犬が車の後ろにいます。 There is a dog of big ears behind the car.
尻尾の長い犬が車の右にいます。 There is a dog of a long tail on the right of the car.
だれの犬が車の左にいますか。 Whose dog is on the left of the car?
黒い猫が男の子のそばにいます。 There is a black cat near the boy.
白い猫が二人の男の子の間にいます。 There is a white cat between two boys.
恵子さんは私の隣に座っています。 Keiko is seated next to me.
ゴキブリが近くにいますよ。 There is a roach nearby.
遠くに木がたくさんあります。 There are many trees in the distance.
猫が車の上にいます。 There is a cat on the car.
家の外に木がたくさんあります。 There are many trees outside my house.
私の後ろにジョン君がいます。 Jon is behind me.
学校のそばに病院があります。 There is a hospital near the hospital.
家は本屋とパン屋の間にあります。 My house is between the bookstore and the bakery.
犬がドアのところにいます。 There is a dog at the door.
宿題は先生のところにあります。 I have the homework.(The homework is at the teacher's desk.)
一時にあの木のところで待っていますよ。 At one o'clock,I will be waiting by the tree.
Created by: Honigon