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what if facous image? a sensory image, it coutributes the overall mood
what is hyperboly? an exaggeration
what is similie? comparing two things using like or as.
what is personification? human charatacteristic
What is alliteration? repatition in the begining word
what is metaphor? compares two things without using like or as
what is sinistiza? discription of one sense in the terms of
what is repatition? repeating of a sound ro word
what is Onomonopia? sounds in word form
what is sensory imagery? words or phrases that make you imagine pictures
what can you see? shapes, color, sizes, movement, patterns
what can you hear? visual, movements, and repetiton
what can you smell? fresh, sweet, disgustion, spice, consintration
what can you feel? tempature, texture, densaty, shapes
what is reclamation? take something they removed or lost
what is pimphiney? moments of eliment solution of problems
what is catharson? confess secreats to readers, teeling others about peop;e
what is a dialoge? should sound the what the character is speaking
where do the quotation marks go? around what ther character says.
why are punctuation conersations helpful? the reader may become lost in the conversation
where do quoted markes begin? capital letter
where are the quotation marks are placed? before the first word of the quote and after the poncuatuation
what is an unrelatiable narratation? a story told in confessional`
what is a centeral metaphor? a significant direct refrence
what is a extended metaphore? comparasing developed and maintain over the course of the storyline
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