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Crime and Race 3

Crime and race exam 3

Case: unfairly deciding what warrants the death penalty Furman V Georgia
Case: discretion when applying the death penalty Gregg V Georgia
Case: Ruled that rapist can't be sentenced to death Coker V Georgia
Case: kidnapping not resulting in death can't be punished by death sentence Eberheart V Georgia
Black male falsely convicted of shooting white officer, ruled death penaltly is cruel and unusual punishment Mcleasy V Kemp
_____ are more likely to receive death penalty whith white victims Blacks
What act ruled that no execution if the basis is race Racial Justice Act
Where did the death penalty originate from England
54% of executions were against Non whites
___________ ______ found that if people knew about the truth of the death penalty they would be sick Marshall Hypothotheis
The innocence project found that those exonerated by ___ , 57% were black DNA
_____ ruled that the death penalty was being applied in an arbitrary manner Furman V Georgia
What thesis states that replacing lynchings with the death penally is known as Zimring Anaylsis
The Walnut Street Jail had what signifinace on American history first prison
Due to the 13th amendment come along the Convict Lease System, what was it? enslaved negros and lower class white criminals
Fulwood V Clemmer prisoner rights movement in thousands of lawsuits being filed due to the way correctional institutions were ran
Battle V Anderson deals with prison inmates and 1st amendment rights
Northern V Nelson Black muslims should have access to religious literature
Young V Robinson Black muslims to be served a pork free diet
Desmond V Blackwell the right to correspond with their religious leaders
T or F: the term railroaded had to deal with swift and unfair manner in which the political prisoners are held True
T or F Goerge Jackson notable political prisoner dealing with Black Panther Party True
Gypsy Jokers First prison gang
Mexican Mafia Nationwide gang
Black Guerrilla family political gang
Aryan brotherhood White supremacist gang
Jhonson V California Ruled separating inmates by race was unconstitutional
T or F: Blacks and hispanics are overrepresnted in all areas of corrections True
What is the prison industrial Complex used to explain the the sudden crackdown on the less serious crimes committed by people of color
T or F: recidivism rates in the U.S are 40% True
what is the sentencing project and what did it find that 24 states have reduced prison populations since 2009
Carr stated that? Girl treatment facility confined more girls for less serious offenses then boys
T or F; non white females are treated no differently or more leniently than White females True
First Juvenile executed at 16 years old Thomas Graunger
Roper V Simmons Killing juveniles is unconstitutional
Graham V Florida sentencing juveniles who did not commit homicide is unconstitutional
What is the mission of the OJJDP Provide national leadership coordination and resources to prevent and respond to juvenile delinquency and victimization
T or F: these programs work while dealing with Juveniles. Drug abuse resistance education, zero tolerance policies, schock incarceration False they don't work
What does the new criminal justice Emphasize (Boston gun Project) the importance of cooperation and collaboration with problem solving across agencies
What is the disproportionate minority contact the term referring to the proportion of juvenile minorities in contact with the juvenile justice system exceeding their proportion of the general population
What was the first Juvenile court opened at? Cook Country
Bernard and Kurlycheck had what importance on juvenile justice system current polices make the problem worse, because of the conditions that foster juvenile delinquency are never addressed properly
What did the Delinquicy Prevention Act of 1974 Any state receiving federal funding must include DMC
What is the JJDP act of 2002 modified version that states that if they fail to address DMC forfeit 20% of their federal funding
What is the Baldus Study Study of how people convicted of the death penalty, before and after
What importance does Marcus Robinson have dealing with the Racial Justice Act Was supposed to be sentenced to death but instead got life without parole
Bloody code, originated by the English means what providing a certain number of offenses to result in the death penalty
Capitil crime acts of in Virgina during the 1700's death with what slaves committing crimes against whites
T or F: while dealing with the subject of slaves in court the juries were present( back in 1770-1820) False
How many states currently have the death penalty 34
1995 there was a policy regarding the death penalty, what was that policy that all attorneys had to submit death sentences to be reviewed
Capital Jury project investigated jurors dealing with capital punishment descretion
How many states allow their judges to over rule the death penalty 3
of minorities what race has the largest percentage working as correctional officers Blacks
The Whickerson report showed that what race was of the highest percentage in state and federal prisons in 1926 Whites
What is San Quentin Black muslim movement in californa
What was the Attica Riot dealt with George Jackson case
Blumstein stated that ______ may have more favorable treatment than Whites Blacks
T or F: 1 in 4 afircan americans are under some sort of criminal justice supervision True
Brown V Board of education was the first to what hold juvenile justice systems to all youths
Created by: dpaolucci