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BI 2020

Microbiology: P8 Water and Sewage Treatment

The interaction of the living portion of the environment with that of its non-living components and how human activities alter these interactions Environmental Microbiology
What was John Snow's discovery about cholera? It is waterborne and not airborne?
When was the outbreak of Milwaukee of cryptosporidium? 1993
T or F: the crypotsporidium outbreak is the largest waterborne disease outbreak in documented US history? True
What was the indication that there was something wrong with the treated water (MKE outbreak) turbidity levels were well above normal
how long did the plant operate before shutting down? (MKE outbreak) 2 weeks
about how many MKE residents became ill during the cryptosporidium outbreak? about 403K of 1.61 million
What kind of microbe is cryptosporidium? protozoa
what is sewage (wastewater) composed of? everything that comes out of household plumbing system
what kind of waste does municipal waste include? industrial waste
what is the most obvious reason for sewage treatment? eliminate possible pathogens in sewage
what is an additional problem caused by sewage? High nutrient content in the sewage on the receiving water? Nutrients are consumed by organisms in the water and decrease amounts of oxygen in water
what does BOD stand for? Biochemical oxygen demand
what do high levels of BOD represent? high levels of sewage! contaminants
What is an indicator of the organic pollution of freshwater? BOD
T or F: BOD is roughly proportional to the amount of degradable organic material True
During the wastewater treatment what happens to the liquid portion and what is it called? Effluent - discharged into a body of water
During the wastewater treatment what happens to the solid portion and what is it called? Sludge - treated in an anaerobic digester
What are dead zones in bodies of water? high nutrient content, uses O2
What are the 5 steps in sewage treatment 1. 1o treatment 2. 2o treatment 3. 3o treatment/advanced 4. Disinfection 5. Anaerobic digestion
Which of the 5 steps in sewage treatment is optional? 3. tertiary/advanced treatment
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