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sci fy

What is the length of rotation of the Earth? 24 hours and 0 minutes
Why can you see the Earth from space? The Earth reflects the Sun's light.
What can be found on the Earth but not on the moon? atmosphere
What in space is rocky, and very cold on the dark side? The moon
If the Earth rotated more slowly then what would happen? Our days would be longer
What must you have in order to have life? liquid water
If a person wanted to create a model of the day/night cycle what could they use? turned on light bulb and globe
The sun does not move across the sky during the day but ____________ rotates. Earth
How long does it take the Earth to rotate on its axis? 24 hours
How long does it take Earth to revolve around the Sun? 365 days
How much time will pass from one full moon until the next full moon? ______
Why can the Earth be seen from space? Because it reflects the sun's light.
What force has caused the moon's surface to change?
What tools are used to observe bodies in space? Telescope
Describe an example of how the Sun warms our Earth Light creates heat which is trapped down by our atmosphere.
Explain a model of the day/night cycle. Where would you be on the Earth at midnight? far side of earth away from sun
_____________________- is Earth spinning on its axis. rotating
Why can some constellations NOT be seen from Earth during different seasons?
What are the order of the planets starting from the sun?> Sun, Murcury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus
Why do we have seasons? Because Earth Revolves around the sun.
A revolution is what? A revolution is when the Earth goes around the sun. A complete circle.
You are creating a model of the day/night cycle for your classmate. What materials would you need? A lamp without a shade (cover) and a globe
The Northern hemisphere, The Earth is the farthest from the sun in the ___________ summer
What causes seasons The Earths tilt as it revolves around the sun.
Does the Earth Stay the same distance from the earth as it revolves around the orbital path? No
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