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Japanese 1-20

From Japanese deMystified

QuestionAnswerAnswer 2
that one (near you) sore 其れ, それ
east higashi 東, ひがし
cute kawaii 可愛い, かわいい
healthy genki na 元気な, げんきな
to come kuru (irr) 来る, くる
wallet saifu 財布, さいふ
left hidari 左, ひだり
bank ginko 銀行, ぎんこう
hospital byoin 病院, びょういん
that ____ (over there) ano あの
to write kaku (u) 書く, かく
north kita 北, きた
often, frequently yoku よく
old furui 古い, ふるい
here koko ここ
funny okashii おかしい
quiet shizuka na 静か, しずか
to play asobu (u) 遊ぶ, あそぶ
nurse kangoshi 看護士, かんごし
(not..) often amari (..nai) あまり (..ない)
Created by: unicyclegirl