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Who is bill?

Kaelyn Helton's thing

Bill a proposal for the House.
Joint Resolution Almost like a bill. Frequently has a preamble.
Concurrent Resolution a resolution adopted by both houses of a legislative assembly that does not require the signature of the chief executive and that does not have the force of law.
Resolution a firm decision to do or not to do something.
Rider an addition or amendment to a document, esp. a piece of legislation.
Discharge Petition bringing a bill onto the floor for a report.
Subcommittee a committee composed of some members of a larger committee, board, or other body and reporting to it.
Engrossed having all one's attention or interest absorbed by someone or something.
Tabled postpone consideration of a bill.
Committee of the whole Where the entire house becomes part of a committee to make policy be approved or disapproved quickly.
Quorum The minimun amount of Congressional members present in order to make decisions for its particular House.
Filibuster Long-winded debates which ends in a bill being defeated due to time constraints.
Cloture Rule that can end a floor debate in regards to a bill being heard such as time limits, or number of people to be heard in the debate.
Veto To reject.
Pocket Veto Where the president delays the signing of a bill past the time allowed.
President pro tempore Senator who presides over senate when the VP is absent.
Floor leader Chosen leader of the majority party.
Whip Assistant to the floor leader that keeps thier party members voting on party lines.
Committee chairman Congressman who is designated head of a premanent committee.
Seniority rule Those who have served the longest have the best positions.
Standing committee A committee that is always in place.
Joint Committee A committee that includes member from both parties.
Adjourn When congress ends for the session.
Apportion To assign the number of representatives per state in congress.
Continuous body Where only 2/3 of congress is up for election at one time.
Franking privalage Privilage where members of congress do not have to pay for postage.
speaker of the house The chosen leader of the majority party in the house of represniatives.
President of the state Position held always by the VP of the united states.
Seperation of powers Powers of government are divided between three branches that are independent but equal in power.
Checks and balances Each branch in government has separate but shared powers keeping the actions of the others in check.
Judicial review Power of the supreme court to review each legislative law dclaring it constitutional or not.
Public policy Any action the government makes in regards to the people.
Constituency The people who vote for a certain official.
Created by: KaelynH



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