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Geo grade 9 mr.m

Seven Landforms Canadian Shield, Interior Plains, Western Cordillera, Great lakes - st Lawrence lowlands, Innuation mountains, Hudson Bay/Arctic lowland, Appalachian Mountains
1 fact about Canadian Shield thin soil, lots of rivers and mainly igneous rock
1 fact about Interior Plains Flat, Dry
1 fact about Western Coordelira Very large mountains
1 fact about Great lakes - st Lawerence low lands deep soil
1 fact about Innuation Mountains bare and cold, no trees
1 fact about Hudson Bay/Arctic Lowlands very poor drainage cold/dry
1 fact about Appalachian mountains small rolling hills
What does LOWERN Stand for? Latitude, Ocean Currents, Wind Patterns, Elevation, Relief, Nearness to water
Precipitation and temperature fact about latitude If you have an latitude closer to the equator it will be warmer and have more precipatation
Precipitation and temperature fact about ocean currents colder/warmer temperatures more precipitation due to humidity
Precipitation and temperature fact about Wind Patterns Warmer/colder can create rain shadows
Precipitation and temperature fact about Elevation the higher elevation the colder and the more snow
Precipitation and temperature fact about Releif more precipitation on leeward side and will have cool tempratuers
Precipitation and temperature fact about Nearness to Water makes surounding area warmer in winter and colder in summer humid
What are the four eras? PreCambrian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic
Name one fact about the PreCambrian era shields were formed
Name one fact about the Paleozoic era Appalachian mountains were formes
Name one fact about the Mesozoic era dinosaurs roam the earth
Name one fact about the Cenozoic era humans roam the earth
What are the different kinds of immigrants? Family,Independent/Economic, Refugee
Population Density? The amount of people per square kilometer
3 different types of precipatation frontal/cyclonic, convectional, releif
how many eco zones are there? 15
what are the four things that separate the ecozones? soil, vegetation, landform, climate
Created by: njovanov7613



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