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McA Open - Oct 13 07

upper level, round 1

Which Roman emperor appointed Incitatus, his favorite horse, as a senator? Gaius Caligula
Caligula planned an invasion of Britain which never occurred; he did, however, order the army he had gathered for this invasion to collect plunder from Neptune. What was this plunder? Seashells
Give a literal translation of the verb form amavisse. to have loved
Give the passive counterpart of amavisse. amatus esse
What unusual grammatical feature do the forms domi, ruri, and humi have in common? all are locative
Say in Latin "in Rome" and "in Athens." Romae, Athenis
What sort of Roman would wear a stola? a married woman
Name the Latin term for a formal betrothal ceremony in which a future husband would be promised a bride by her father. sponsalia
Who was the wife of the king Priam? Hecuba
Who was the father of the king Priam? Laomedon
Give all four principle parts of fero. fero, ferre, tuli, latus
Give all four principle parts of tollo. tollo, tollere, sustuli, sublatus
Which goddess was followed by a rainbow when she flew to earth to perform errands? Iris
For which deity did Iris most often perform errands? Hera
Give the Latin term for an individual in Roman society who possessed patria potestas. paterfamilias
A paterfamilias also wielded the ius vitae necisque. What was this right? The right of life and death (the right to execute) anyone in his familia
Name two Roman kings who were blood relatives. Numa Pompilius and Ancus Martius, Tarquinius Priscus and Tarquinius Superbus
Name the kind of slave whose duty it was to escort boys to school. paedagogus
Of the following three types of instructors, litterator, grammaticus, and rhetor, which might have girls in the classroom? litterator
When he sees a storm approaching, Aeneas in his first speech of the Aeneid calls upon several individuals who are not present. What is the literary term for addressing those who are not present or cannot respond? apostrophe
What Greek hero does Aeneas wish had killed him in the first speech of the Aeneid? Diomedes
In what part of the world did Caesar campaign as a proconsul in 58 BC? Gaul
In what part of the world did Caesar campaign as a propraetor in 61 BC? Spain
Using a fourth declension noun, say in Latin "of the hands." manuum
Using two words, say in Latin "of the right hand." manus dextrae
During the First Punic War, for what military purpose did the Romans use a corvus? as a gangplank to board enemy ships
What sort of bird is the literal meaning of corvus? crow
Name the son who as an infant was placed before a plough to prove his father's sanity, and who later searched for news of his father during the first four books of the Odyssey. Telemachus
Name Odysseus' friend who counseled Telemachus whose name has become synonymous with the term "advisor." Mentor
Created by: McA Latin