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Lakota 2005


Say in Latin "to have given." dedisse
Give the passive counterpart for dedisse datus (-a -um) esse
Name the Roman who was the first to build a new forum adjacent to the Forum Romanum, in which a temple to his alleged ancestor Venus was decicated. Julius Caesar
List chronologically the four emperors responsible for the next imperical fora in Rome. Augustus, Vespasian, Nerva, Trajan
According to Ovis, who is addessed with the words "At quoniam coniunx mea non potes esse,\arbor eris certe... mea!" after being unsuccessfully pursued by Apollo? Daphne
Name the father of Daphne Peneus
Say in Latin, "On October 16"? Idibus Octobribus
What Roman numeral should be used in the Latin for "On October 16"? XVII (A.D. XVII Kalendas Novembres)
Give the English verb derived from the Latin noun radix, radicis, f. which means "to uproot." eradicate
Give a synonym of "eradicate" derived from the Latin noun stirps, stirpis, f. extirpate
With what type of equipment did a retiarius fight? a net and a trident
What was peculiar about the fighting style of an essedarius? He fought from a chariot
In what city did Helen live before she was brought to Troy? Sparta
Name Helen's mother, sister and daughter. Leda (mother), Clytemnestra (sister), Hermione (daughter)
Give the superlative forms of miser and facilis. miserrimus, facillimus
What superlative form is the opposite of summus? imus
Sometimes known as a societas or amicitia, what political alliance formed in 60 B.C. combined the talents of Marcus Licinius Crassus, Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus and Gaius Iulius Caesar? The First Triumvirate
What was the purpose of the Lex Titia of 43 B.C.? It legalized the Second Triumvirate
Give the Latin term with a translation for what would be thrown at a Roman wedding. nuces, nuts
Translate and explain the significance of the phrase "relinquere nuces" To give up nuts, to grow up (abandon childhood games)
Translate the motto of the University of Pennsylvania: "Inveniemus viam aut faciemus." We will find a way or make one.
Translate the proverb: "De gustibus non disputandum est." One should not argue about tastes.
Which of the following four states does not have a name rooted in Latin via a Romance language: Flordia, Nevada, Texas and Vermont? Texas
What feature of nature is part of each of the names of the three other states (Flordia, Nevada and Vermont) (English is fine! =) ) flower (flos), snow (nix), mountain (mons)
What book title might be called in Latin "Harrius Potter et Poculum Ignis?" Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
(Keep in mind the Harry Potter Book Goblet of Fire) In hoc libro, qui discipulus fine fabulae necatur? Cedric Diggory
Translate the following Latin sentence: "Imperavi tibi ne dormires." I ordered you not to sleep.
Say the same thing (I ordered you not to sleep) in Latin using the verb iubeo instead of impero. Iussi to non dormire.
In book one of the Aeneid, the words "pietate gravem ac meritis... virum" describe a man campared to what deity? Neptune
In book one of the Aeneid, what are the roles of the nymphs Cymothoe and Deiopea? Cymothoe helps Neptune rescue Trojan ships, Deiopea is promised in marriage to Aeolus by Juno
What creatures from mythology did the Olympians need the aid of Hercules to defeat? The Giants
What is the literal meaning of the word "giant"? "of the earth"
Give the Latin names for the two regions seperated by the Pyrenees Mountains. Gallia, Hispania
Which general of the late republic did not command an army in Hispania: Scipio Aemilianus, Sulla, Sertorius, or Pompey? Sulla
What use of the ablative is found in the sentance "omni ab omnibus fieri non possunt"? ablative of personal agent
Useng an ablative absolute, say in Latin, "I was unhappy while you were fighting." Te pugnante, dolebam (etc.)
What children's book in Latin is entitles Alicia in Terra Mirabili Alice in Wonderland
What children's book in Latin is entitled Petrus Cuniculus? Peter Rabbit
Name the Roman author whe dates were from 65-8 BC, whose father was a libertus, who was born in Venusia, and whose writings include Satires, the Cermen Saeculare, Epodes and Odes. Horace
Horace (Epist. 2, 1) gives his teacher Orbilius the nickname plgosus. Whatdoes this epithet signify? He beat his pupils ("Full of whacks")
Name the 3rd century AD emperor who reunited break-away regions in bot the East and West of the Empire, and who built a new wall around Rome. Aurelian
Who was Arelian's successor, whose short reign lasted from 275-276 AD and who shared a name with a historian of the earlian Roman Empire? Tacitus
What hero from Greek mythology does ovid describe with the words Orante frustraque iterum transire volentem/ portitor arcuerat? A hint is that the portitor n these lines if the ferryman Charon. Orpheus
After he is torn apart by Maenads, to what island does Orpheus' head float? Lesbos
Give the nominative, genitive and gender of the Latin noun whch is the root word of the English derivative "casualty." casus, casus, M.
Give the nominative, genitive and gender of the Latin noun whch is the root word of the English derivative "federation." foedus, foederis, n.
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