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Summit 2005

Upper Level Round 1

Welcome to Certamen! Say in Latin, "Let the games begin!" Ludi incipiant!
What is the Latin meaning of this competitive expression: "Ludus optimus vincat!"? May the best school win!
Responde Latine: Quis sum? Primum amphitheatrum perenne Romae munivi. Bellum civile contra Caesare pugnavi. "Magnus" saepe vocabar. Pompeius
Responde Latine: Quis sum? Arcus triumphalis pro mea victoria in Iudaea in Foro Romano dedicatus est. Titus
Give the Latin for the girl's name which is the gerundive meaning "she must be loved." Amanda
Give the Latin for the girl's name which is the gerundive meaning "she must be admired." Miranda
The biographies of Suetonius's De Vita Caesarum begin with whose life? Julius Caesar
Whose is the last biography in Suetonius's De Vita Caesarum? Domitian
What part of a formal Roman speech consists of the introductory remarks? Exordium
What is the Latin term for the summation of a formal Roman speech? Peroratio
At what type of gathering would a Roman utter this pun: "Nos cenaturi te salutamus."? A dinner party
The food served at a Roman dinner party was all inclusive. The Roman expression "ab ovo usque ad mala," from eggs to apples, expresses this. What would be the equivalent expression of a dinner party beginning with cheese and ending with cherries? Ab caseo usque ad cerasa
At which battle was Vercingetorix defeated by Caesar? Alesia
What is the English meaning of the Gallic name "Vercingetorix"? "Super-warrior-king"
We would all love nothing more than to see the Bengals in the Super Bowl. Give in Roman numerals the number of the next Super Bowl (40) minus the number of the Catullus poem which begins with the words "vivamus atque amemus." XXXV
The next Super Bowl (40) will be played in Detroit, home of the lions. Which Catullus poem opens with a mention of a "leana" or lioness? Catullus 60
What are the two highest political offices held during the careers of Caesar, Cincinnatus, and Sulla? Consul and dictator
What Roman politician was largely responsible for providing a state funeral for Sulla, although many Romans detested Sulla's actions? Pompey
Who was assigned the impossible tasks of fetching water from the River Styx and obtaining Proserpina's beauty secrets? Psyche
One meaning of "Psyche" is soul. What is another meaning of Psyche related to the insect world? Butterfly
Shakespeare wrote three plays based on Roman characters. Name any two of these plays. Julius Caesar, Antony and Cleopatra, or Coriolanus
Much of the material for Shakespeare's three plays based on Roman characters was taken from the work of what ancient biographer? Plutarch
What vegetables are present in the names Fabius and Cicero? Beans and chickpeas
What phisical characteristic is indicated by the name Calvinus? Bald
In Latin poetry, what is the term for the foot which is the reverse of an anapest? Dactyl
In Latin poetry, what is the term for a single short syllable? Mora
What is the English meaning for the pharmaceutical abbreviation "h.s."? At bedtime
Give the Latin phrase which is abbreviated with the pharmaceutical abbreviation "h.s." Hora somni
Give the Latin for this sentence: "Hercules had a very big body." Hercules maximum corpus habebat.(Or habuit)
Give the Latin for this sentence: "Eurystheus gave very many commands." Eurystheus plurima mandata (or iussa) dedit.
Created by: McA Latin



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