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science quiz


Nonrewable energy sources Natural gas Oil Petroleum Coal Neuclear
What are fossil fuels? They are forms of biomass - energy from material once living
What are two states of energy? Kinetic Potential
What is potential energy Stored energy
What Is kinetic energyl Energy being used/in motion
What forms of energy are there? Renewable and nonrenewable
What is a nonrenewable source Material or source that cannot be regained
What is a renewable source Material or source that can be reused or found again
What is force The amount of work being put on an object
Work Weight x distance ; (In joules)
Power Work divide by time. (Joules)
What are joules? A metric system used in calculating force work or power
What are newtons? The standard unit in measuring force
What are newton meters? The unit after calculating power
Energy transfer-conversions When one form of energy is changed / transferred into another
What is friction? Thermal energy created when two objects are in motion ( rubbing)
What are the 4 factors Texture Size Pressure
Law of conservation of energy Energy cannot be created or destroyed
Energy in a closed system A group if objects that only transfer to one another
Energy in a open system A group that can transfer outside its system
What are system boundaries The amount of energy systems an object contains
What is a wave A disturbance that transfers energy from place to place
What are transverse waves A type of wave that move in a perpendicular direction of wave travel
What is a longitudinal wave A type of wave that moves parallel to the direction of wave travels
Crest The highest point of a wave
Trough The lowest point of a wave
What is a medium The material the wave is passing through ( solid liquid gas)
Electromagnetic waves Waves that do not require a medium to travel through
Mechanical waves Waves that require a medium to pass through to travel
Vibrations A repeated motion in a wave
What is a wavelength The amount of space or distance from crest to crest or trough to trough
Amplitude The height of a wave that determines how much energy it carries
Pitch How low or high a sound is caused by the wave
Frequency The number of complete waves that pass given point in a certain amount of time
Speed calculations Waves are calculated in hertz
Renewable energy sources Solar Hydro Wind Geothermal Biomass
Created by: huskyluver