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decree an order having the force of law
discordant lacking in harmony
evolve to develop gradually
excerpt a passage taken from a book, article, ect...
preclude to make impossible, prevent, or shut out
revert to return, go back
servile relating to a slave
vigil a watch, especially at night
banter to tease
avowed declared openly and without shame
bountiful generous
detriment harm of loss
frugal poor
glut to provide more than is needed or wanted
incognito being in disguise
maim disabled
oblique slanting or sloping
veer to change direction
venerate someone you look up too
wanton heartles
allot to assign
amass to collect
audacious adventurous
comply to request or command
devoid not having or using
elite a leader of a group
instigate to start something
longevity long life
perturb to trouble, make uneasy
prodigious extraordinary in bulk, size, or degree
relevant connected or relatetd
skittish extremely nervous
vie to compete
willful done on purpose
annul to declare something
blase bored with life
deplore disapproval
frivolous not meant seriously
ornate fancy
oust to remove
peruse to read carefully
porous full of tiny holes
prone lying face down
qualm regret
solicitous showing concern or care
sustain to support
ample more than enough
assert to declare or state as the truth
disdain to look upon with scorn
epitaph a statement written on a grave or a tomb
facetious humorous
inaudable not able to be heard
indiscriminate without control
intrigue to make schemes
jurisdiction an area of authority or control
proximity nearness
volatile violent or explosive
abashed embarrassed
aloof standing apart from others
anguish great mental suffering, distress, or pain
articulate to pronounce distinctly
bask pleasant warmth
defect a flaw
finesse to accomplish something by cleverness
flaunt to wave showily
instill to add gradually
ostracize to banish someone or to be sent away
purge to clean up
rehabilitate to rebuild
repercussion a consequence of some action or event
resolute determined
retentive able to hold, keep, or recall
scapegoat a person carrying the blame for others
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