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Red Book


inimicus enemy
turbulentus rowdy, disorderly
spectaculum show, spectacle
spendidus splendid
edit presents
dies natalis: diem natalem birthday
celebrat: ceebravit celebrates
civis: civem citizen
complet: complevit fills
viginti twenty
bestiarius beast-fighters
bestia wild animal, beast
quam celerrime as quickly as possible
hi these
vehementer loudly, violently
tacet: tacuit is silent, is quiet
nuntiat: nuntiavit announces
tuba trumpet
sonus sound
pugnam commiserunt began the fight
victor: victorem victor, winner
expeditus lightly armed
evitat: evitavit avoids
ignavus cowardly, lazy
callidus clever, smart
decipit: decepit decieves, tricks
frustra in vain
provocat: provocavit calls out, challenges
unus one
graviter seriously
vulnerat: vulneraveravit wounds, injures
alter: alterum the other, the second
hic this
missio: missionem release
mors: mortem death
pollicem vertit turned his thumb up
dedit gave, has given
interficit: interfecit kills
iterum again
cervus deer
esurit is hungry
retinet: retinuit holds back, keeps
hunc this
tres three
audacissime very boldly
recumbit: recubuit lies down, reclines
obdormit: obdormivit falls asleep
iratissimus very angry
ridiculus ridiculous, silly
edit: edidit presents
fugit: fugit runs away, flees
suus his, her, their
destringit: destrinxit draws (a sword), pulls out
attonitus astonished
tristis sad
pes: pedem foot, paw
ostendit: ostendit shows
spina thorn
dolet: doluit hurts, is in pain
benignus kind
fremit: fremuit roars
exclamat: exclamavit exclaims, shouts
adiuvat: adiuvit helps
hoc this
extrahit: extraxit pulls out
postea afterwards
comprehendit: comprehendit arrests
Christianus Christian
olfacit: olfecit smells, sniffs
lambit: lambit licks
agnoscit: agnovit recognizes
salus: salutem safety
Created by: rachelebrady