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For school

Why is earth called the blue planet 75% water
How did the ocean form Volcanoes started shooting gases then that made the atmosphere and they condensed and it rained
How did salt get into the ocean Solids like certain minerals dissolved in rivers and streams then they flow into the ocean and when the water was evaporated the water got left behind
Why are the oceans called the world ocean Since there are no boundary we call them the world ocean
Why are all the oceans considered separate Due to all of the different flowing currents
What are the oceans sa largest to smallest Pacific Atlantic Indian southern arctic
What is topolography The study of earths features
What oceans border North America Atlantic and pacific
What oceans border Africa Indian Atlantic and southern
What oceans border Europe Atlantic and arctic
What oceans border Asia Pacific Indian and arctic
What oceans border Australia Pacific
What oceans border South America Pacific Atlantic
What oceans border Antarctica Southern ocean
How do we know what the ocean floor look like Sonar. Sound navigation and ranging
How does sonar work It sends out sound waves that can be calculated by distance
Created by: 10martelli10